Monday, May 08, 2017


The girls have all been taking dance classes this year with mostly successful results.  I say mostly, because Violet has not always been the easiest child in those classes, but she has been sweet enough that the staff all say they love her.  (Or at least, that is what they tell me, though I imagine they have good and bad moments together. 🤣)  We had our dress rehearsal last Monday night which was an adventure in and of itself.  It was also a chance to get professional dance photos, which I haven't gotten back yet, but I am sure will be hysterical since only two out of three of my darlings cooperated.

Bless it.

It was fun to see the girls all dolled up!

So fun to dance with friends!

I was so impressed with our studio and the way they run the recital.  It was a well-oiled machine with every little thing lined out from wardrobe to rehearsal to times.  Can you imagine trying to corral and entertain a bunch of dressed up little girls backstage and then usher them into a performance?


This past weekend was a doozie.  I'll be writing a separate post about Walk for the Waiting, but we attended that Saturday morning and then we all scurried our little selves to the 1st of two dance recitals that we witnessed on Saturday.  After a brief lunch break at home, we hurried ourselves back for the second recital.  But - the girls all performed beautifully and did the dances, and we were so proud.

Violet's class danced to "Isn't She Lovely?"


Bella's number was "I Want Candy," which included the fun lollipop prop.


Lily performed both a ballet and tap routine - "Once Upon a Dream" and "Tutti Fruity."


We attended 1.5 performances and left at intermission of the second recital, because Lily was done and the twins were way past done.  But, we mostly did well watching, and it was amazing to see all the routines - especially the older dancers.

As a super bonus - we had our in-town grandparents also in attendance, which is still a fun new treat for us.  Thanks for being amazing troopers all day Saturday with us, Lenny and Sharon!

So thankful for a great first dance experience!