Wednesday, October 11, 2017


My extremely lovable second child turned seven today!  As always, it bears mentioning that time goes by really quickly.  I vividly remember so much about her birth, and many moments of her life are etched into my mind - how is she seven?  😭


As a seven year old, Bella is whip-smart and is devouring books.  She loves all things about school - the learning, and the social component, and I am continually amazed at how many people she is able to greet by name with a smile.  She is enjoying another year of dance class and is asking to be able to play soccer again - we shall see.

Yesterday, she spent some time doing math for fun because she had learned a new addition trick.  Oh the wonders of first grade!


Though we still see quite a bit of strong will in Bella, we also see a growing understanding of who God is and how he works in her life.  I am so thankful that she often chooses to read her Bible and makes sure to take it to church with her every week, unprompted.  She loves traveling and experiencing fun of any kind, especially with friends.  She is our best swimmer and loves to tell jokes.  Basically, Bella brings the party with her everywhere she goes.

In other Bella news, this week, we discovered that Bella needs glasses.  The school vision screening sent us to our eye doctor, and sure enough, Bella is near-sighted - no real surprise, seeing as John and I are both incredibly near-sighted.  🤓 We have glasses ordered, and Bella is really excited about being able to see! (And is super adorable! 😍)


Today, John kicked off her day with a donut date.


I brought her lunch at school.


And, she did ice cream after school with grandparents before us all meeting up at CFA for dinner, because there was an event that John needed to be there for.  We had cookie cake, since her actual party isn't for another week and a half.


Happiest of birthdays to our Bella!  We love you forever and are so thankful God made us your parents!


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