Wednesday, January 09, 2019


It is incomprehensible to me that we have a child in double digit ages.  What the actual what.

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When spring has come in January, you get to go to the park on your birthday!


Lily is bright and witty, quiet and also the loudest child we have.  Her voice carries, as does her laughter.  She is a joy to parent, and as our oldest child, she is a little guinea pig that we are learning on.  Bless all of our hearts.  The mermaid sequin shirt that she is wearing in the photos is what she chooses to wear anytime she gets free reign, and I'm just glad I also like sequins.

As a 10 year old, we are seeing more of her humor develop and also her slight dark side.  She tends to see the worst case scenario but also knows how to make light of it.  Her ability to think ahead and imagine things out certainly out strips mine in many cases, and she has become an invaluable packer when we go on family outings, because she remembers the bug spray and the wagon and every last one of the snacks and drinks for all the people.  She's great on details!

Lily is a caring older sister, and with the siblings that she has, I am so thankful that is the case.  William and Violet always know they can go to her and get hugs and kisses.  She is observant about the world and has an adventurous spirit and wants to travel all the places always.  It is also amazing to see your child pick up on things happening in the big world and have real discussions about it all.

She doesn't love every aspect of school, but she is a dedicated worker and gets her schoolwork done with little extra instruction or reminding.  She loves reading and devours books at every turn.  She's enjoying learning piano this year as well.  She seems to be a friend to those who know her, and I am thankful to see her welcoming spirit to those around her.  I LOVE getting to be her mother, and I look forward to deepening the friendship we are also developing.


Instead of a party, we are taking Lily on a special 10th birthday trip all by herself, which we are all looking forward to this weekend!  Tonight we went to BJs as a family to celebrate.  Lily said two forks were included in her napkin so she could shovel noodles into her mouth with both.  We probably need to do more work on table manners.


I look forward to seeing the story that God continues to write in Lily's heart and mind - she is certainly precious to us.

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