Thursday, May 30, 2019


When I became a parent, I never realized that May would become as sneaky busy as December once my kids hit school-aged.  Yet, here we are.  It is packed - all activities are concluding with a party/recital/program, and school becomes a free-for-all of field trips and field days.  I thoroughly enjoyed this video by the Holderness family, which is where I got the name "May-cember."

We're done with school - here's our last day pic that the kids could barely muster enthusiasm for, even though they were SO excited to be done for summer.  It's been a great year with fantastic teachers, and we're on to 5th grade, 3rd grade and another round of Kindergarten for the twins.  It is amazing to look back at the first day and see how far we've come!


The end of the school year really did mean being way out of routine for everyone - bless those teacher's hearts.  We had two all-school field trips that had to be moved around due to weather.


Bella was the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz and read some of her writings in a "Coffee-House" setting in the school media center.


Both Lily and Bella read and tested on over 1 Million Words this year, and it was amazing to see them work towards a goal!  Field Day with all four kids was a wild ride.  I got my steps in tracking them down as they completed various activities.


As for extra-curricular activities, at this stage we are still figuring out what our children will gravitate towards and also limiting them to one activity per semester per child because we don't want our family's schedule to be totally overrun.  This meant that Lily did piano, which culminated in a recital that she totally rocked!


Bella played both fall and spring soccer with the Firecrackers and loved being part of the team and honing some new skills.


William was excited to play soccer, and since it was a co-ed team, we went ahead and signed Violet up as well.  He LOVED playing and especially thrived in defense, being christened "William the Wall" by Coach Steven.  Violet did not actually play in a game, but she did enjoy running through the parent tunnel at the end.


Where Violet really excels in is gymnastics, and we found a precious gym that we all love.  She is literally upside down half the time at the house, so it's wonderful to have a productive outlet where she is really learning!


That sums up the wildness that was May - I cannot believe that we are into summer mode!