Monday, November 02, 2020


 Though most things look different this year, my love of themed costumes remains constant.  I had actually relinquished a family costume concept, but through a turn of events, we ended up heading to Wichita to be with my family.  One of the things they used to rope me in (though it didn't take much) was that all the cousins would be dressed in Star Wars theme.  Because that universe is so large, there were plenty of options for us to join in that fun!  Plus, John and I could borrow costumes, which helped a lot.

The 13 cousins in matching costumes was really epic, even if baby BB8 wanted to roll out of the pic, and baby Yoda had to be held aloft by his hiding mother.

Lily glowed as golden C3PO.

Bella rocked as R2D2. 

William loved being a "bad guy" Storm Trooper, though he certainly looks charming here.

On Halloween night, Violet was an adorable Ewok.  However, her's was the one costume that we had fully nailed down before this new plan, so she went as Hamilton's Angelica Schyuler to school on Friday.  Work!

William went as Charmander to school that day, so they fully enjoyed double costuming this year.

Our trip to Wichita was fast and furious.  We drove up on Saturday and got changed to head to my brother's house for dinner and candy hunting.  Having all the cousins together is always a special brand of chaos.  It's also special and precious and worth it, so I was glad we made the trip, even if it was short.

Even looking back through these pictures totally fills my heart, because being with family can truly be such a joy.  After the candy hunt, which resembled a half baked Easter Egg hunt where we adults threw candy willy nilly throughout the yard, there was crazy cousin candy trading.

We spent the rest of the evening laughing and talking while the kiddos ate candy to their heart's content and watched a movie as they hit sugar comas.

I missed our normal Halloween with all our friends and spooky punch and Trick-or-Treating in our neighborhood, but I wouldn't have traded this particular Halloween for anything.  

And mad props to this guy, my amazing husband who is up for matching family costumes because he knows how much I love it, even if it isn't his schtick.  

"Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi.  You're my only hope."

Because our nuclear family brings certain complications, we actually drove up in two cars.  This felt like overkill, but ultimately, it made the whole thing possible.  Here's to learning how to work with what we've got and making the best of where we are.  That's definitely a motto for our family, but it also applies to life in 2020.