When I set out to really start blogging early in 2011, I wasn't sure exactly what shape that would take.  Turns out, a blog takes pretty good snapshots of our real lives.  We are really normal people.   We are in desperate need of God's grace all the time, and we are continually learning what it means to follow him (even if that means not buying clothes for a year).  We keep finding that many of our struggles are first world problems.

Our kids make messes, and we find that parenting is not for the faint of heart. We have silly nicknames for our girls, who have plenty of will and plenty of personality.  We struggle with enjoying exactly where God has us right now and being grateful for the moments he gives.  We are thankful to know that God cares for our kids more than we do.

Other fun facts about us: we own a restaurant that allows us to dress our children as cows.  John loves to run, and sometimes we even do races together.  I love to bake (especially chocolate chip cookies).  We have fun decorating and doing projects in our home.  I love to throw a themed birthday party.  We really love traveling and have had amazing opportunities, like the time we took our kids to Canada or when we went as a family to Asia.

Most importantly, God is writing our story.  He wrote our love story, which is not as we would have asked for, but instead perfectly planned to make us see more of him through each other.  He's writing the new story of adoption into our family.  Though I don't know what else is in store for the John and Carol Show, I am thankful to know the one who does.