Monday, May 07, 2018


It's been ages since I've done a "Day in the Life" post, so I need to pick one up before school lets out.  However, we had dinner out as a family a few weeks ago, and I began taking notes, because the chaos level felt so high and comically insane.

It was Friday night, and we headed to our regular Mexican restaurant.  When I say regular, I mean it wholeheartedly.  They know we don't need menus and usually start with sliced avocado and understand that I want a cup of limes with the order of chicken fajitas that John and I share.  They also know where we live and were able to deliver a diaper bag to our door when we left it there a few years back - that's great service. 🤣

We walk into the door, and it is clear that William needs to go to the bathroom.  His tells are general crotch-grabbing and dancing around, so once inside, and I head straight to the bathroom with both twins in tow, because obviously, if we are going to the bathroom, it should be a field trip for several children.  John gets seated with the big girls, and we do come back to the table to find that there is a Diet Coke for me and Sprite for 3 out of 4 kids.  The 4th child wants water, because it is healthier for her.  I do not know where she gets this.

While placing our order, Violet is singing High School Musical songs on repeat 🎶, because she is obsessed.  Her favorite character is the pseudo-villain Sharpay. 🤦🏻‍♀️  Bella launches into an explanation that Amelia Earhart might have actually ended up in China, and we are trying to follow this really interesting tale.  Bear in mind, we are in a Mexican restaurant on a Friday night, so it is fairly loud - part of what we love about it, because the volume masks our chaos.  But, it does make it hard to grasp what really happened to Amelia Earhart. 🤷🏻‍♀️

During this time, Violet has gone from singing HSM songs to trying to fist bump us 👊🏾 and saying, "Boom Shaka Laka."  William is trying to sign "I Love You" with his hand, but can't get the fingers arranged properly and wants a LOT of help.  Meanwhile, I can safely compare Lily's chip eating procedure to wood heading into a mulch-maker.  Chip mulch is showering us all as we pull on our safety goggles 👓 and reiterate for the millionth time - "One hand. One chip. One bite." (This line is no exaggeration, we threaten to revoke chip privileges if she cannot follow the chip rules.)

Bella and Violet are trying to share the salt shaker so that every chip can be a-salted.  Apparently we are all sodium deficient.  This sharing has good and bad moments, just like life.  We get our food quickly - one of the many reasons we return weekly to eat here.  Children are in various states of happiness/sadness about said food.  Everyone needs ketchup 🍅 as the perfect compliment to their Mexican 🇲🇽 fare.

William and Violet begin playing Rock Paper Scissors instead of eating, but for whatever reason, the version they learned is Rock Paper Scissors Shoot, so every round ends with a gun.  Perfect.  As we encourage them to EAT DINNER, one of them tell us to "shut your baby lips".  (There are a lot of reasons we have sought parenting help.)  The other one says that they don't like us.

Once they realize that eating is the best plan for dinner time, they shift gears, and William begins apologizing profusely while Violet says "Dilly Dilly" as she raises her Sprite in the air.  Lily is explaining to us that if she closes her eyes, she can map out an outline of every item that is on the table like a drawing.  Bella has finished her water and needs the waiter to refill it, so she can keep on being healthy.

John and I haven't seen each other all day, and I finished the book Born a Crime (highly recommend) and am trying to tell him about it.  This is an exercise in futility.  There is a shoe👟fight that breaks out under the table where shoes have been removed from feet and lobbed at other legs.  We are trying to eat our fajitas.  There is another trip to the bathroom.  We signal our waiter for our check to end this madness as quickly as possible.

We get home and comment that dinner actually went pretty well, all things considered.  There were no major melt-downs, and everyone eventually ate a fair portion of what was on their plate.  We decide to talk after bedtime, after which we are too tired to talk and end up watching Dodger baseball (him), working on a photo book (me) and tucking in relatively early to do it again the next day.

This is just a snap shot of life these days.  It is full and beautiful and feels crazy a lot of the time.  For reference, I'll include evidence of when we took pictures with the Easter bunny on St. Patrick's day.