Wednesday, November 01, 2006

There's No Place Like Home

Hello developed world! We arrived back in the country late Monday evening, and we must say, it is good to be back. We had a fabulous weekend stop in London where we spent two nights and took in the sights. We managed to hit Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Covent Gardens, Piccadilly Circus, the Tower of London, the National Gallery to name a few in the two days that we spent there. London is great, but what is the deal with having to pay for bathrooms? Seriously, that was the low point. But on the whole, it was great to be able to eat what we wanted and such a privilege to see a city so steeped in history and drama and amazing architecture and Lion statues everywhere. It has become my new goal to find a Lion door knocker for our future home and have a brightly colored front door to echo the ones I fell in love with on every London street.
Leaving Ghana and Rafiki was difficult, and we were glad that it was, because it meant that it was real to us and truly impacting. It is encouraging to leave the children at Rafiki, because we know that they are well provided for through God's blessings. It is much harder to think about the fact that for every Rafiki child, there are 10, 20, 1000 other children just like them who do not get cared for. It was such a privilege to be able to serve the missionaries that are doing full time work there, which we respect even more know that we have been there. Because of this trip, we have developed a greater understanding of world need, and we are seeking ways to be part of the solution.
Thanks to everyone for their prayers and support and encouragement. We have been so blessed by our family and friends. We will be leaving for Costa Rica on Saturday, which we are so excited for. We will be continuing to update our blog and look forward to our new adventures!