Saturday, October 21, 2006

It's Game Time

During our 3rd week at Rafiki, one of our assignments has been to teach the children how to play the games they have in their cottages. This means that after dinner and family devotional time, Uncle John and Auntie Carol are ushered into a cottage full of pajama clad kids eager to learn something new and thrilled to have visitors during a time that is usually strictly family.
So far we have been to 4 cottages and taught Candy Land twice and Yahtzee twice. Just image a group of 10 kids hanging onto every instruction givn and cheering as they learn the rulse, while the mama tries vigorously to keep all behavior "proper." The other night we played Candy Land, and it was definately a highlight of life. There we sat gathered round a bamboo table, children snuggled into love seats on each side wriggling and grinning with Mama Bea and Auntie Fostina also there to learn and win, as we later discovered.
Because there are 4 moveable game pieces and 14 of us, we divide into teams. The game begins, with colors being announced to great hurrah and kids so full of excitement that every time a card with double colors came up, whether it was for their team or not, they would stand up, both hands in the air with clenched fists and yell "Double!", after which Mama Bea would tell them to sit down and behave proper. Anytime a card directing the player to someone like Mr. Mint, Queen Frostine or Gramma Nut came out, there was much rejoicing and then much hunting to locate it on the board.
If anyone got sent backward, Auntie Fostina started a song and dance and had the kids on her team joined in with her. This culminated as the last team was on the board trying to finish and the rest of the cottage was chanting "Blue Team Are Losers" while gyrating their arms in the air. Quite a sight to behold, I can assure you.
Last night we played Yahtzee with much fanfare until the electricity went out. And when it goes out here, it is black. Crazy black. But the stars are amazing when the lights are out, and we could see the entire Milky Way. I will post some more later, but Game time is definately a favorite event in our world.