Sunday, October 01, 2006

London, Part 1

Here we sit in Heathrow airport in London, England. After flying through the night, we arrived this morning to no fan fare and long lines at security. Heathrow is a mini-city in itself with every designer label imaginable and very little for the little people such as ourselves.
We flew British Airways, which really is the way to go, because they give you a treat bag and plenty of food. We are excited to get to Ghana to start what we came for. It is crazy to have travel time between all we have been doing and all we are about to be doing to reflect. We are truly excited to serve and be a part of something that is so far outside of ourselves. We really hope to gain a clearer perspective of what is happening in Africa and what are practical things that can be done from the US.
Hope you all are doing well! To be continued . . . .


J&S said...

John and Carol,
It is great to hear that you have begun your adventures. God bless. If you end up with any extra time, feel free to stop by here on the way back to the states.

P.S. We visited the David and Susan Vila this weekend in Amman. They have settlers, just thought you'd want to know that.

Anonymous said...

Hi John & Carol,

We are so glad to see that the The John and Carol Show continues on. We are exited about your adventures to Africa and the to Costa Rica. Know that we are praying for you and that we look forward to seeing you in Costa Rica.

Love ya tons,

Brian and Steph