Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Melts. So do Two Year Olds.

We had a snow day a couple of weeks back. I decided that though I was not excited about getting everyone ready to go outside, I should give it a hearty go and see if Lily would enjoy it and if we could keep Bella warm enough. So I got my first little snow-bunny dressed.


And once the other friend saw a picture being taken, she wanted to join in.


Then, I got her dressed, and there was some melting.


Once I managed to get us outside, there was a little bit of fun to be had, though not with hat or mittens. I picked a happy child over a warm child, since I had a slight premonition that this would all be short-lived anyway. Bella did a great job holding the aforementioned unused hat and mittens.


A few of my favorite things. Snowflakes that stay on her nose and eyelashes. Especially when her eyelashes look like this.


Once I realized that she didn't want to get her feet "dirty," by walking in the snow - her words, not mine - I decided to relocate onto the back deck where there was plenty of snow and Bella could stay inside and I could just enjoy the view.


There was fun with the bucket and blocks for about 7-10 minutes.



At this point, I ran inside to get the video camera to capture sweet Lily's first moments in the snow. However, by the time I got back outside, which took about two minutes, sweet Lily was gone, sadly replaced by sour, melted Lily. Snow day fun was dead. In the house we went, and we enjoyed the snow through the window from then on. And it was a beautiful snow.