Friday, January 28, 2011

Things I Find

I have small children. That is the stage of life that I am in with all of the joys and all of the craziness that it entails. I do find myself laughing a lot. A lot. Lily is great at playing independently (note: I just misspelled this word and it auto-corrected to "indecently," so I am glad I caught that.), and I am great at letting her. This does mean that I often find surprises around our home to indicate what she has been up to.

For a while I was always finding my shoes rearranged. I put an end to this, as my closet and bathroom stayed perpetually disastrous.


Yes, it is a good idea to eat the doors to your mini-cozy coupe car.


And, here is the star herself, setting up some of the surprises that I often find.

Having her morning tea.

She may have tendencies toward hoarding. She likes to drag around the laundry basket and fill it with goodies.

Lily likes to drag around a basket full of stuff.

Currently, Bella is in training to learn the ways of putting random stuff in random places. And she likes her tea with cream and sugar, thanks.


One of my highlight moments. I am realizing that Lily might be a bit of an "arranger."


What should I do with the rest of my cheese? This is definitely a good option.


It will take Mom a while to find these, since I am hiding them behind a curtain. Thanks, Lily. Sadly, I didn't get a picture of a petrified Chick-fil-A nugget that I found under the curtain in the dining room. Gross.


All the little magnets. I was less than thrilled to knock some of these into the freezer. Still not sure I got them all out.


Things I find make me laugh. A lot.