Friday, February 19, 2016


I feel like this current stage with our sweet toddlers needs to be documented.  I'm sure it is just a season that will pass, but I don't want to ever forget what it felt like to be smack in the middle of it.

Back over Christmas break, the twinsies collectively decided that cribs could no longer contain their awesomeness.  They could both climb in and out at will, rendering the cribs basically useless as mini kid cages beds.  We surrendered and purchased toddler beds, because it is our hope for William and Violet to share a room for several more years, so toddler beds seemed like our only option a sensible move.

As they grow into their toddler-hood, we see more and more of their personalities developing, which is amazing and fun and overwhelming.  Violet is an unstoppable force of nature, and there is nothing that girl puts her mind to that is not within her grasp.  William is more pliable and chill, but he does love a good party, and his girl V brings her party game every nap and night time.

Because I rely on nap time (or at least quiet time in the case of the big girls) and bedtime to personally recharge, it is a non-negotiable around here.  We decided that instead of fighting the battle to keep them in their beds/room, we would just lock them in.  Problem solved!

And many more problems created.

Anything in that room was fair game.  When I would get them up from nap time, it would look like the whole place had been ransacked by robbers that were searching for diamonds and were willing to throw aside anything that stood in their path.  Clear that drawer of diapers!  Look under all of the clothing!  Remove the mattresses!  Bring out the laundry!  Grab the shoes and socks!  "Clean" with every wipe available until surfaces are gleaming!  Spread everything around the room to throw them off of our true purpose!


When I took that last picture, I had already cleaned up a fair few diapers.  As you might imagine, this was defeating.  I would scold and discipline, but ultimately, I didn't want to spend nap time going in and out of their room, so each day, I discovered messes anew.  Bella the destructor had already done a number to the changing table, and before long, another drawer totally gave way.  Here's William dangling from it, because he didn't want to have his pjs put on him.  I was hunting for something that had been taken from where it was supposed to be and turned around to find this.


Night time was moderately better, because it is really dark in their room, so there was less trouble they were able to get into.  Still - as I mentioned before, Violet is capable of all things and must also have night vision, and we found her asleep like this one night.  She had gotten into the closet and put on one boot, removed the cushion from the chair and fallen asleep there.  Looks comfy, doesn't it?


It looks like she also had a diaper that she was getting ready to try to put on herself.  Changing diapers is a new hobby for her, along with potty-training herself.  She really is quite amazing.

After a while, we realized that we were enabling all of this craziness.  We moved the changing table out of the room completely and stored all of the clothing and diapers in the closet.  Then John brilliantly removed the lever from the closet door so that we can open it by turning what's left, but the twins aren't dextrous enough (yet) to do it.  My magical tidying has been put to good use.


Now that there are many fewer things left for them to destroy play with, things have gotten moderately better.  Now they basically can just move the mattresses and turn the lights and fan off and on and play with toys - all of which they do with relish.  And then they fall asleep like this, lights on and everything.  I have pretty much decided that I'm not going to fight the mattresses.  I am having them help clean everything up, an area in which they are showing improvement.


William does get tucked into his bed and go to sleep at nighttime.  Violet has probably slept in her bed a handful of times.  Mostly, she drags the chair cushion to the door and falls asleep there with her mouth at the crack doing plenty of loud breathing.  As I've mentioned before, it seems as if Darth Violet is our regular evening companion in the living room.

I prayed for twins, as John is fond of reminding me.  I always always always wanted twins, and I wouldn't trade the set I have for anything in the world.  I absolutely adore my precious loves.

That said, I can't in totally clear conscience recommend having toddler twins if you get a choice in the matter.  I don't think it's good for your health, and I feel certain that I'm losing years on my life with the current madness.  But - it's good for the heart.  It's obviously a refining experience, and there really is so much love here between us all.  Their hugs and kisses are treasures freely given, and I'm so thankful.

Just don't ask me about it at bedtime when Violet is banging on the door, and we can't hear ourselves talking over it.  I miss mini-cribs.