Sunday, March 26, 2017


Man, there is some funny stuff out there on the internets.  Here are a few things that have me laughing lately.

If you've ever tried to restrict your caloric intake for any reason, you'll appreciate this Instagram series by Chris Pratt who is slimming down for his role in Jurassic World 2.  It's titled "What's My Snack" and is really funny.

Next up: Church Hunters - a parody of House Hunters where a "young, energetic couple" is searching for the church that is right for them!  This is far too close to reality in our current church culture and spot on.

This guy also brought us the Sponsor a Millennial video, which is a fav of ours.

Also, if you are a mother and have ever watched The Bachelor, this parody will hit home.

In other mom news, Nordstrom came out with some Clear Knee Mom Jeans, which are head-scratching in and of themselves.  The reviews highlighted in this article are priceless.

I love laughing, and all of these things brought giggles - hope they can cheer up your post spring break life!