Sunday, June 18, 2017


Another Father's Day has come and is on its way out.  I've often had bittersweet feelings on this day, seeing as my father has gone on.  And I miss him, as always - that never goes away.  I ran across a picture of he and my mother while cleaning out a closet and was stopped in my tracks at the kindness of his smile and the twinkle in his eyes.  He was one of a kind, truly.

Today, however, I've been overwhelmed with gratitude that it was he who was my father, ever.  Sure, he's gone now, but I had him for 22 years.  So many people don't get 22 months with a great father, and I had a fantastic dad for 22 whole years.  He loved me so well and instilled such a sense of self inside of me, as well as each of my siblings.  When I look at my brother and sisters, though we have many differences, there are so many things we share thanks to our parents.

Our dad made us think that we hung the moon and could do anything we set our minds to.  He laughed at our jokes.  He wanted to hang out with us, and we believed it was because we were awesome - not realizing that it was he who was the most awesome for spending time with us when we were probably fairly annoying.  Honestly, we sort of all expect our mothers to always love us, but when a dad goes above and beyond, it really sets children up to soar.

He loved God and taught us to do the same by his example.  He was in no way perfect, and he was clear to apologize and ask for forgiveness from each of us - another amazing gift a parent can give.  To this day, when I run into someone that knew him, they often go out of their way to tell me how amazing my father was.  And I never tire of hearing it, because it's the truth.

I'll take this all a step further, because I'm married to the father of my children.  He's not perfect either, but he loves me and Lily, Bella, William and Violet so well.  John loves the Lord and is seeking to serve him.  He looks for ways to connect with each child individually, and he speaks words of truth and encouragement into their lives every chance he gets.  He plays with them, and laughter trickles through the hallways in our home. (not every moment, obviously ... but so many)  Our children will never doubt that their father adores them and will be cheering them on in any endeavor.


Today, we were eating lunch out, and a guest that regularly eats at our CFA came up to tell me what a wonderful and amazing husband I have.  She wanted to make sure that I knew it.

In that moment, it hit me.  I've been blessed far beyond what I could ever deserve in both the father and the husband departments, and today I choose to honor them both and thank God for his overwhelming graciousness to me, my siblings and my children.  I don't take for granted these gifts and the way these men have forever impacted my life for the better.

I've also been enormously blessed with a fantastic step-father and father-in-law who love John and I and our children so well.  More of God's graciousness to us.  Happy Father's Day to each of the fathers out there making the world a sweeter place for their kids and pointing them to Christ, and thanks be to God for being the one who fills all the gaps and then some.