Sunday, June 15, 2014


I've written a lot about my dad here on the blog.  He shaped my life, and I always miss him.  Father's Day has had a bittersweet twist since he died, because I am so thankful to have had such a wonderful father, but I do miss him so.  However, in the present, I get to celebrate my unsung step-father and the  sweet gift that he is in my life.

Three years ago this month, my mother married Wes.  She had dated him for almost two years, so we were pretty well acquainted with him by the time they married.  After her being single for so many years after my father's death, we had hoped and prayed that she would be able to marry again some day, and God graciously provided Wes.

(Photo courtesy of Main Street Studios, from my sis's wedding in Jan 2012)

I think joining our family could be a rather difficult thing to do.  First off, there are quite a few of us, and we tend to be a bit loud when we are all together.  We laugh and talk and play games and have a literal lifetime of memories together.  But, Wes came right in, and instead of trying to change all the dynamics, he just enhanced them.  Having Wes around always makes things better.  He has a quick wit that comes an unexpected moments.  He gives great hugs.  He looks for ways to take care of all of us.

Wes has taken on my children as his own, and I am forever grateful.  I am sad that my kids will never know my dad, because he was amazing.  However, they have a fantastic Papa.  When Mom and Wes finished out their basement, they made this perfect little play space, just for grandkids.  When John and I went to Mexico in March, Mom and Wes came to take care of the kiddos, which is no small feat to volunteer for.  Then, Mom got the stomach bug, and Wes became Papa of the year, as he completely cared for everyone without missing a beat.  That meant taking the twins to therapy, dropping everyone off and picking them up from Mother's Day Out, mixing formula, preparing and cleaning up meals and the myriad other duties it entails.  Not many men could have pulled that off so smoothly, and I remember the night we got back, being amazed as I watched him swirl the formula and rice cereal mixture and pour bottles and sweep the floor like he had been doing it all of his days.

Wes gets that losing a family member to cancer sucks, because he lived it.  Wes has grown children that are truly fun and a privilege to know.  Wes loves to read and take river cruises.  We keep trying to help give him an e-reader of some sort, but I am not sure that he has yet finished his research.  Wes makes really great cinnamon rolls.  What are the chances that both of my mom's husbands have had this talent?!?

What I am trying to say is that I have got the best step-father out there.  I would not have known what to look for in one, but if I could have picked anyone - it would have been Wes.

Thanks for loving my mother so very well.  Thanks for loving Jesus.  And thanks for loving us.  I am so very grateful.