Tuesday, May 06, 2014


Sometimes life presses in heavy on all sides.  There are too many things.  Too many thoughts.  Too much to do.  There is a certain monotony of routine that sets in and threatens to crowd out the good feelings with its everydayness and sometimes oppressiveness.  This weekend threw us some curve balls - like one that included John having to be at the restaurant until midnight this Sunday night.  Ick.  Yesterday kept throwing curve balls - like matching mystery blisters on the twins' shins.  This landed us in the doctor's office where we discovered that they were hyper-sensitized, delayed reactions to ant bites.  Bless their little legs.

So after two hours at the doctor's office, because we ended up doing well-checks on three out of four children, you could have stuck a fork in all of us, because we were done.  Thankfully, John came as back up half way through, which was a good thing, because doing lab work for a possible peanut allergy on Violet put us all over the edge.  Let's just say, she does not appreciate having her blood drawn.

We got to bed time, and John and I felt as we often feel at bedtime, "Where is the 'easy button' for this?"  Everyone is tired, and it takes a lot of work on our part to get our little friends ready for bed.  It requires feeding, a wardrobe change, coaxing, and if we are feeling like good parents, bathing.  We were almost done with everything and moving into the reading portion of the evening when the girls started a little dance.  I think they got it from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and after this cuteness, I am thinking I should totally be having them watch it more often.

John and I laughed and shook our heads.  It continued for quite a bit longer than the video lasts.  It also continued once they were in their room, because we allow them to talk for 10 minutes after we tuck them in.  I use the term "talk" very loosely here, since clearly, it includes dancing.  It should also be noted that after watching this video, I am fairly confident that our biological children will not have dancing careers in their futures.  I'm sure those are overrated anyway.

It felt like God threw us a sweet gift last night in the middle of our weariness, and I'm so thankful for these moments.  Today has been a breath of fresh air - Violet seems to have realized that she does not strictly need to cry any moment that she is not being held.  As we were driving to therapy, the big girls started talking about how sweet they had been all morning, and they were right.  They went on and on about how nice it is to be sweet, and how they should never yell or scream or cry or throw fits or whine.  It was a long list, especially from Bella, who kept thinking of things that she shouldn't do.

All of that to say, God really does know what we need and when we need it, and I am so thankful.


Lindsey @ A Dollop of My Life said...

oh mercy. I can totally relate to the crying for no reason at all times. Ty is there. I blame it on us being gone on vacation and him being spoiled. Aint nobody got time (or a back) to hold a 25 pound baby all day.

And I think the whole "list out what you can't do" thing is developmental... Connor does that all the time and I have to contain my snickers because he lists things like "punching people in the face or kicking mommy in the bottom". :)