Thursday, January 28, 2016


So, last week I wrote that I was going to start putting into practice The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  And I went at it full force.  I decided weekly (or whenever I feel like it) updates may be in order.  Maybe you will be inspired to tidy yourself!  Maybe it will be a good record of what I am learning along the way.  Either way - this is one of the primary things that I am working on in spare moments, so I'm going to blog about it.

The author recommends that you start with clothing, so I have been diligently sorting through all of the clothing that I am responsible for.  This entails me and all the kiddos.  I have been through my closet in the not too distant past, and I was still able to part with far more than I ever have before. I had about 50 plus hangers swinging empty when I was done, and my drawers have lots of empty space (mostly because I hang almost everything.)  I think I am going to get to know the people at the Goodwill drive-thru before this is all said and done.


I am SO pleased with the final results in my closet, and I went ahead and did ALL accessories, which for me included toiletries and bathroom drawers.  Everything is in perfect order, which truly feels amazing.

(These shelves were a travesty when I started, and now they are functional!)

Now, the kiddos rooms are another story.  I'm about half way through their clothing alone, and I've found there are many perils and pitfalls.  Mostly that the twins don't exactly nap during all of their "nap time" and instead like to pull neatly folded clothing out of drawers and closets.


By God's grace, we all lived through this experience.  I'm about to pare down our costume stash, which is expansive.  Since I go through the kids' clothes about every six months, there's not a lot of excess, but it is nice to shuffle it around in a way that makes more sense.  I am LOVING standing all the clothes on end in the drawers so they are like files of clothes.  So much easier to look through quickly, and things are much less likely to be smashed and forgotten at the bottom of a stack.

What have I learned this week?

Well - I have hung on to many things in the past out of guilt.  Guilt that someone gave it to me, and it wasn't quite right.  Guilt that I bought it and should have returned it and never did.  Guilt that it is perfectly good, but I no longer wore it for whatever reason.  This process helped me realize that guilt is not a good reason to keep things that I don't need and won't use.  I've been able to clearly see what I use and what "sparks joy," and for me - that's been a very helpful way of looking at things.

I've also learned that magical tidying will not happen overnight and will create a mess in the short run.  It's like having to spend money to make money - I have to make more of a mess to get to less of a mess overall.

Now I just have to keep up the momentum.  And keep the twins out of their drawers.