Saturday, June 11, 2016


We are in full swing summer mode, which means a lot of swimsuits and a lot of questions about what we are going to do next.  Every morning as I try to savor not having to drive children to school by laying in bed a little longer, someone usually appears at my side with a barrage of inquiries about what we will be doing in the next minutes, hours and days.  This week, we've had our fair share of fun and not so fun moments as we adjust to all being together a bit more than normal.

Gran Gran graciously offered to keep our children on Saturday night for a while, so I had a lovely dinner alone (because John was working), and I got a pedicure.  Thanks SO MUCH, Gran Gran - they had a blast!


On our way to Gran Gran's, we had quite a discussion.  Either Lily or Bella asked, "How is Gran Gran in our family?"  So I re-explained that she is William and Violet's birth mom's mom.  And Maya and Quinn are their half-sisters.  We are all family.  It is a lot to digest, especially for little girls trying to understand how everything works together.  Bella said that she was glad that I got to be her birth mom and her mom, and I reciprocated, because I am thankful as well.  Then Lily piped in with, "And I'm so glad that you married Daddy, so that he could be part of our family too!"
Without going into all the details, I explained that without Daddy, there would be no Lily and Bella.  Good times.

In other news, I thought swim lessons were this week, when they are actually in two weeks.  We did impromptu hair cuts instead, which is almost as fun.  It is crazy that we need the big chairs now.


To everyone's delight, we joined some new friends swimming in a lake near their house.


I braved a quick trip to the zoo with the kiddos sans snacks, which proved to not be the best idea as they were STARVING and SO THIRSTY.  The train ride did perk up everyone's spirits, and lunch at CFA cured most of our ills.  As usual.


The flowering mimosa trees showed up around town this week, and I am always freshly amazed by their unique beauty and sheer unexpectedness.


I ordered a few more summer clothes for the kids - mostly pj sets - and came home from a run to discover that Lily, my arranger/organizer child, had laid them out.


John led some of our leadership team on a tour of the local recycling plant to focus on making the most of every opportunity and wasting less.  I would have LOVED to see how local recycling is done, so now I am holding out for a tour of my own when the kids get older.  And a neon yellow hard hat.


I said "YES" to something fun and messy for the girls, and I got to enjoy all the creative liberties that Lily and Bella took with Ariel and Rapunzel.


One of our big highlights for the week is that William and Violet had their first chance to attend gymnastics.  Violet, in particular, was so excited that she was sleeping with her leotard clutched in her petite little hands.


The big girls excitedly introduced the twins to the gym and helped them get into the right classes.  Violet skipped right in, and William wanted to stay out with me until he realized that Violet was inside.  He went in and warmed up throughout the class.  Violet took to the whole thing like a fish to water.


John came to observe with me, and we were truly amazed to watch them doing so well.  They have come so far and already overcome so much.  I'm humbled and overwhelmed at the chance to get a front row seat.  And hearing them say the word "gymnastics" is totally the bees knees.

Though there have been many moments of whining, bickering and sass sprinkled throughout, we are making our way into a new summer normal, and I'm feeling mostly hopeful about the months to come.  Granted, it is easier to write that while they are all asleep. 😉