Wednesday, May 31, 2017


It is remarkable to me to look back at the first day of school post and see how emotional and dramatic I was at the beginning of this school year.  My life did undergo a major change that I am still adjusting to in many ways.  However, we had a great year - really.  The kiddos each have thrived in their classes and bloomed in so many ways.  Parenting really does give you a great front row seat to their little lives unfolding.

Yesterday was the last day of school for the girls.  The twins' school is actually year round, but I'm posting pics of them since they are now into summer session.

(finished second grade)
(finished kindergarten)
(mostly done with Pre-K3)

Lily is a full-fledged readerly kiddo now who reads for fun, and we also discovered that she is incredibly strong in math this year.  Bella is reading and seems made for school where she thrived both socially and academically.  We continue to be so pleased with our local elementary school and have had a fantastic educational experience.

The twins have both learned and grown so much.  Both are speaking in full sentences now and have a LOT to say about most things in life.  They love their friends and their teachers and playing on the playground and singing songs.  Somehow, they have come home singing "We Will Rock You" most recently. 😂 😂 😂

The end of the school year brought a flurry of activity at the girls' school and included such fun activities as a Magic Tree House Day in Lily's class with a presentation and treats and costume -


and the kindergarten tradition of Splash Down where all kids are sprayed by the hose from the local fire department.


So much fun.  It also felt like I was at the school one to two days a week for the last month, but it was good stuff, and I'm so thankful to have the ability to be part of it.

Even after only one day of summer, I can tell we are going to have some rough moments, because the twins want to be doing the fun stuff the girls are doing.  I have very mixed feelings about them attending year round, because on the one hand, it is helpful to have childcare for my very busy four year olds, but on the other hand, since the girls are out, I wish we could do all the fun stuff together.  Unfortunately, we do not get all of the things we want in life, and we will have other summers.  But, it is hard to tell this face that we will be going to the library without her.


Happy summer to you all!