Tuesday, February 04, 2014


I love the pinks and reds and hearts that Valentine's Day brings along with it, and I wanted to do something simple to put on our mantel for the occasion.  We need some brightness up in here with all the gloomy weather we've been getting.


We picked out cheap-o wooden letters at Hobby Lobby, and I let the girls paint them.  I figured that since I wasn't going for perfection anyway, it would be a great activity for them.


This went pretty well, though Bella finished much more quickly than Lily who was much more precise.  William did manage to pull the paint off of the table, and I had to remind him that there is no need to cry over spilt paint.  (Unless it's a whole can of latex spilt onto carpet - then you get a free cry card.)


I love the way it came out.  I strung doilies onto baker's twine to hang underneath the letters and collected branches from our back yard to go behind the letters.  I jimmy-rigged the letters to stay up by taping cardboard onto the back of them as little stands.  They haven't fallen over since I got it right, so that seems like a good sign.

In other Valentine's decorating news, I added mail boxes for William and Violet - though the pictures don't indicate that I haven't yet glued them to the candlesticks, so please don't mess with them.  Stop messing!  (Here's last year's post about the mailboxes that includes a link to a tutorial on them.)


Lily made the most precious love note for John while he was gone this weekend.


We've also been enjoying learning about a new attribute of love each day with our Valentine's Advent thingie. I don't know what else to call it since it's not a calendar.  Anyway, we do it at breakfast each morning, and the girls have really paid close attention each day.


Though our Bible study was canceled today, I am actually enjoying the slow pace and the beautiful view of frozen trees.  I have, however, banned the Frozen soundtrack from being played anymore today.


If you are iced or snowed in - I hope you are staying warm and cozy.  If you aren't, well - that must be nice.  Enjoy the pleasantness of being able to move about your normal life while I am enjoying the pause in mine.  Happy Tuesday!