Monday, April 28, 2014


Last night, as we were heading to get frozen yogurt, my phone started screeching, and the sirens started wailing.  We made our way home, yogurt in hand, and headed in to turn on the TV and see what was going on.  We knew there was a chance of severe weather, but you just never know what might really happen.  It could be nothing.  But it wasn't.  Last night it was bad.

Our house and neighborhood are totally fine, because the tornadoes passed to the north of us.  But, we are not spared, because this sort of tragedy touches our community so deeply.  At least 16 people were killed in our state.  We know of a family nearby who lost the father and two teenage daughters.  Seven children and a mother are left behind, and they lost everything.  This is what their house looks like now.

(As a side note, here is a link where you can donate to them through their church who is coordinating their needs at this time.  It is so terrible.)

One of the cities that was hit (Mayflower) is still recovering from an oil spill last fall, and so much of it is leveled.  The other city (Vilonia) that was hardest hit was devastated just three years ago.  I'm left with a heavy heart, and I wonder all over again why it has to be like this.  I wrote a post three years ago after the Joplin tornado that still rings true to me.  I can't make sense of this stuff on earth, but I do trust God.  I know he is bigger, and I know that he is close to the broken hearted.

Some of our friends' parents live out near where the tornadoes started, and they suffered a lot of damage, including loosing part of their roof and most stuff outdoors.  They were actually all at church when it happened.  You can see exactly the path that the tornado took through their land.  Today, John and some of the other guys from our Community Group headed out to help them begin clean up.


John's arms are sunburned from being on that roof for a couple of hours, but it is nice to be able to plug in and help.  It feels like the very least we can do in the midst of it all.  It is amazing to see people rally around other people that need it, and I am glad to say that our community is doing just that.  I'm so thankful.

So - if you get a chance - please


We would appreciate it.