Tuesday, July 19, 2016


I really love living in Little Rock - it's just the right size with plenty to do and not a lot of traffic.  Not often do we make it downtown with all the kiddos, but today was the day.  Court and I brought our eight children, plus her nephew, to do the Farmer's Market, the Peabody splash pad, a picnic lunch and a trolley ride.

Let me just say that today was HOT.  As in, I drank a ton of liquid on my way down there (a smoothie, a full coffee tumbler, and about 16 oz of water), and I never had to use the bathroom all morning, because I sweated just that much.  Dripping sweat while wrangling children is not my favorite thing, but the children mostly did really well, all things considered.

We started at the Farmer's Market, and I am kicking myself for not picking up some of these beautiful blooms.  I did get some blackberries and okra.


Next stop was the splash pad, which proved to be a bit of an adventure.  There is a large playground with deep pits that I did not remember from when we visited this particular splash pad about 5 years ago.  Keeping track of all the children was a challenge, but they did really enjoy playing.

(This girl.  I often end up with a lot of pictures with her, because she wants to be held and to take pictures together.)

After playing for a while, a huge amount of children showed up with what seemed to be not a lot of adults.  We hightailed it on out of there, because it quickly became overwhelming.  We found a shady table for lunch and got a bit of a breeze before heading back to our cars.


We did get a lot of looks and comments walking through downtown.  I guess nine kids and two adults also must seem like a poor ratio to some people.  😂 😂 😂  After doing a little presto chango at the cars, we got on to the important business of waiting for the trolley.  In the hot sun.  With almost no shade.  It felt like forever, though it was probably about 15 minutes - max 20.

(The flowers downtown are 😍)

We did finally get on the trolley and LOVED having air conditioning for the rest of this outing.  Being a tourist in our own city is something I really enjoy, and the kids liked seeing what Little Rock has to offer from a different vantage point.


The kids moved around A LOT, and William started to be over it towards the end.  He actually started yelling really loudly, so much so that the conductor commented on the "strong lungs" over the speaker.  😳🙈  But mostly, a good time was had and air-conditioning was enjoyed.


Twice today, I had moments of true gratitude for adoption: our family is so blessed to have the twins in it, and getting to see Lily and Bella love on William and Violet is such a treat.  Lily did a great job catching Violet coming down the huge slide, and Bella held William in her lap for a while on the trolley.  They all love each other so much, and I'm so thankful to see that love manifest in actions.


While tramping through downtown with nine kids might not be your cup of tea, it turned out to be ours.  We had fun, got to enjoy unique things that our city offers and staved off the TV watching all morning long.  When it is this face-meltingly hot, there aren't a ton of great options, but this one had several good times to get cooled off.  You can catch us by the pool the rest of the week - gotta stay cool somehow!

(Here's Court's take on the day!)