Monday, July 18, 2016


Obviously, the world is a heavy place right now.  I broke down in sobs last night for lots of reasons - loss of life and racial tensions in our country, my own impending changes and the ways that I feel worn around the edges from the past couple of weeks.  It's been a lot, and thankfully, God is helping me get through it all, cause he is so good like that.

Here are a few other fun things that are brightening my day regularly.  I've blogged about changing our eating habits around here, and though I can barely believe I am writing these words, I've become someone that really loves Kale Chips.  I've started hoarding this variety from Kroger (especially since they were on sale last week), and I'm looking into making my own.  But also, it is easiest to buy them.

There's is a Kool Ranch flavor that I like as well, though I can't quite trick myself into thinking I'm eating Doritos - more's the pity.  Some of my kids will also eat these, and they do fit that snack hole in my life really well.


This is another "healthy" snack that I found recently at Sam's - it does have sugar, but it has a lot of other good stuff as well and helps satisfy the sweets craving.


CFA came out with a new Egg White Grill for breakfast that features egg whites, cheese and grilled chicken on an English muffin.  I tried it today, and it is SO. GOOD.  Packed with good protein and delicious.


I gave up Diet Dr. Pepper (🙌😔#mixedfeelings) months ago and needed some other options to fill that hole.  I started drinking coffee - this, cold and on ice, with a splash of Coconut/Almond milk and Skinny Girl Stevia.  Yummy.


Since I shouldn't drink coffee all day (bummer), I also found this tasty drink.  I am hesitant to tell you about it, because I am finding that my favorite flavor - the coconut - is regularly sold out in several local locations.  So maybe you should buy a little but leave the rest for me.


Another thing that I stalk at my local grocery store/Target are these press-on nails.  I still love my Jamberrys, but I haven't made an order recently, and it is very convenient to pick these up at Kroger.  They are hard and stay on in my life and come in fun colors, and they are a very reasonably priced option to have great looking nails that you do at home.  I usually just use the solid colors, but some of the designs are fun too.


John and I have been collectively crushing on the Tour De France like we do every July.  The scenery is everything, and the intricate race plotting and team dynamics keep us fascinated each year.

(photo cred to 20 Minutes site)

I imagine that you, like me, have heard of and enjoyed some of James Cordon's Carpool Karaoke with celebrities.  My favorites are Adele and the one with the Broadway stars - so good.  I really enjoy them all.  I also laughed a ton at this mash up with Anna Kendrick - not a carpool, but so fun.

This are a few of the things that have become my new favorites - maybe you'll find something you like too!