Friday, September 30, 2011

Morning at the Zoo

      Well, today we had planned to go to the zoo with one of my friends and her son.  Plans changed, and as it turns out, John wanted to come to the zoo with us!  What a fun treat.  The weather was fall perfection, and there were hardly any people there, which is definitely how I prefer any attraction.


One of my favorite things at the zoo are the penguins.  Talk about being the cutest little animals ever.  And, they follow you around - they are so thrilled that you are there to visit them, unlike so many other animals who would rather sleep through your visit.  Both girls ♥ed the penguins as well.  I mean, what is not to ♥?

Picnik collage
Picnik collageIMG_0120

Big cats seem to be such majestic creatures, so I was glad we got to see this tiger pacing around.  What a glorious God we serve that created such unique animals in so many different colors and varieties.  I am always amazed.


Lily wanted to get on this rock - the funny thing about this picture is that I said, "Smile!" and she said, "I am smiling!"


The elephants are always good fun.  The weather could not have been more beautiful - makes me want to soak it up forever.  We finished off our time there with lunch and then a train ride, which was a definite hit despite the look on Lily's face in the picture.


I realize that I take a lot of pictures of our life, and as we were walking out of the zoo, I explained to John that I am starting to realize that pictures are a way to give thanks in the moment, and to capture the moment and be able to give thanks for it later.  (Thanks, Ann Voskamp for that idea.)  When I look back at pictures or at the blog, I am able to be reminded of all the glorious times we have had, as well as some others that aren't as fun.  I can see a greater picture of what God is doing in our lives, and I can thank him for it.  So, thank you, Lord, for our time at the zoo together today, enjoying your creatures and weather that was amazing.  Thank you.


wallacefamilyblog said...

I wish we had a better zoo because we would love to go all the time especially now that the weather is beautiful! I agree pictures are a wonderful way to capture every little moment.

the osbornes said...

I love what you said about taking pictures! I take a million pictures at every outing, and sometimes I wonder "am I not enjoying the moment enough, because I'm trying too hard to capture it for later?", but then I look back at old pictures and I just can't imagine not having those memories preserved! I love the way you put it here--much better than I could have said it :)