Monday, September 03, 2012


Our Labor Day weekend has been pretty low-key, a blessing for which I am thankful.  Here are some of the highs and lows.

High:  Finding out John's car only needed the radiator fixed - a much cheaper thing than we had imagined.  We got it back on Friday!

High:  Because we got John's car back, we were able to take our canoe out for some fun!  Pinnacle State Park really has some fun places to canoe around and is beautiful to boot.


Low:  Seeing another snake while canoeing and knowing that they are all around when we do this.  It just comes with the territory.  Fortunately, I am pretty sure they do not want to mess with the craziness that is in our boat.

High:  Seeing that we fit with plenty of room into a Sonic stall for post canoeing drinks.


High and Low:  Realizing that the girls LOVE cherry-limeades (who can blame them?) and part of that love included playing in them.  This turns into quite a sticky mess, but it keeps them quiet and entertained for a lot longer than I would have imagined.  In the end, it's a mixed bag.


High:  The first Razorback Game Day!


Low:  Realizing as I was trying to get the above picture that my children are a bit technology obsessed. They both know their way around any i-product to a scary degree.  Also, they would much rather play on our phones than pose for a picture.


High:  Going over to a friend's house to watch the Hogs play.  Kids included.  This picture does not even include them all.  (Thanks, Court!)


High:  Taking a nap with the hubster on Sunday afternoon.  This is such a joyous rarity round these parts.

Low:  Post-nap breath.  Mexican + Peanut M'm's.  I'll leave it at that.

High:  Spur of the moment deciding to paint John's office and almost completely finishing it last night after we put the girls down.  We hit the jackpot on a color we randomly selected at Home Depot.  It is the velvety green on the left in this picture.


High:  Celebrating a sweet little friend's party at Pinnacle this morning.  The girls love a good party.


Low:  It is still flipping hot here in AR.

That about wraps it up.  It's been good.  We are planning on getting the office all arranged tonight, so maybe I will blog that later this week.  Hope it has been a nice holiday weekend for you all!


Linds said...

So jealous that you had a Hog party with Court and Adam! And I love that picture of yall with your canoe at Sonic. That may need to be framed :)