Tuesday, November 12, 2013


While I was gone, my super brave and kind and generous husband held down the home front.  A couple of weeks ago, as everyone was melting down around dinner time and we both felt exhausted, John said, "I'm a little nervous about you going to San Diego."  I said, "Me too."  So we did what any sane adult would do - we called in reinforcements.  This time, that came in the form of John's wonderful mother, Sharon.  Since John's sister also lives with us, that meant there were 3 adults to help wrangle the 4 kiddos, bringing everything back to mostly normal range.  Right now, it just takes a lot to run this circus.

These two babies are getting solid food regularly now, and it is going well-ish.  William is a champ, and Violet likes to laugh when you say "Boo!"  Sometimes food gets in her mouth.


They did have a blast at different times, and I got the cutest videos in the world.  They are so cute that I decided to share.

Violet is sure obsessed with the bouncer, and William is becoming about the smiliest baby in the world - especially now that his tummy is always full.  Amazing how that works.

The big girls did really well.  They got to party with Daddy at CFA on Sunday, which never happens.  It was pretty exciting until there were accidents ending in wet pants for both girls.  Bless John's heart.


John did get to sneak in an Avett Brothers concert, which always makes life a little better.  Or a lot better.


And I came home to the best signs possible, taped to the girls' beds so that I would see them the night I got back, even though the girls were asleep.  Precious.


Also, I could get used to being called "WOW."  I'm so thankful to have a husband who supports me and values the same things that I do.  He believed my San Diego trip was worth it, and he certainly stepped up to the plate.  I am also so thankful for amazing in-laws that help care for and love on my children in my absence.  While I missed my kids, I never once worried that they would have any major issues.  That is a real blessing.

And now I'm back, and re-entry hasn't been as hard as I had imagined.  This is a super busy week, but things feel remarkably calm at our house.  Amazing how time and space away can do that sometimes.  Being back with my family is where I belong, and I'm thankful to even be thankful.  I just realized how cheesy that sounds, but it really is how I feel.  I deeply love my peeps, and I love that God put us together.