Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Lately has been a bit crazy.  I say that like it is out of the norm, but it does feel harder than usual somehow.  I think the having four kids four and under thing is starting to catch up with us and beat us over the head with its hardness.  But, I won't belabor that point today - it's the week of thankfulness, after all.  And I am so very thankful, though sometimes the thankfulness has been buried under the stress.  It's always sad when that happens.

Here's a quick rundown of what's been going on round these parts via my iPhone camera.  I did get a new iPhone earlier this month, and I like the camera so much more now, which is a major bonus.

This jewel of a pic was on Instagram a while back - it's one of my favorite of the twins so far.

Someone's getting the raw end of this deal.  #twinstagram

Poor William.  Having three sisters can be a bummer, especially when they are all quicker than you - for now.  I have a feeling this won't last forever, and he will get his comeuppance in later years.  Next up is one very sad picture.


Lily said that Bella had bitten her, and she was quite distraught, but I didn't find any bite marks.  The only reason is that she had been wearing long sleeves.  The bite marks were revealed in the leotard later that day.  #bellawashere

In funnier stories about Lily, we were eating dinner at an opportunity center with our church.  We were served chicken.  Chicken that had bones in it, since that is its natural state.  This is the conversation that transpired.
Lily:  "What are those things?"
Me:  (laughing) "Those are bones."
Lily:  "What?!  Who put them there?"
It was at that point that I realized we eat a lot of chicken nuggets, and I only cook with chicken breast meat.  The girl had never had meat on the bone before.

I've had the kiddos on my own a lot lately, because John has had many work things come up.  Like feeding the U of A Marching Band, the Cheerleaders, the Hogs football team and the Mississippi State football team all on Saturday.  Which is awesome for business, but it certainly makes for a crazy weekend.  So, I've been doing stuff like going to Target with everyone to kill time.  People look at me like I am nuts.  And often, they say things to that effect as well, which is not really encouraging.


On the subject of feeling crazy out in public, yesterday, while at gymnastics, Lily had an unexpected total meltdown wailing that she was tired.  Violet had a dirty diaper, so I took the wailing Lily and the dirty Violet to the bathroom.  While in the bathroom, an older woman spent some time asking me what was wrong with Lily.  I was so frazzled and irritated that I'm afraid I was not very gracious with nosy lady.  Not two minutes later, another trying to be helpful woman informed me that Violet might be choking on snot (she was not), and then proceeded to sit her up, though I was right there.  (She was laying on the changing table.)  I knew that Violet was NOT choking, but sounding like her normal refluxy self made worse by a cold.  And I was right there.  All with Lily continuing to wail.  It was a 10 minutes I hope I never have to repeat.  The second lady said, "You've got your hands full," which has become my least favorite expression to hear.  This kind of sums up my normal reality.

Last week we did go take family pictures, which means we all deserve some kind of medal.  Except for Bella, who does her best to not cooperate in these sessions.  Thankfully, we have an amazing photographer/uncle who is patient beyond words with our circus.  I can't wait to see the pics and order Christmas cards!

Family picture preview.  #handsfull #heartfuller #notforthefaintofheart

Here's how William felt after pictures.  Bless him.


While staying at Aunt Ellen and Uncle Luke's house, Violet got buried under the laundry.  Such is the life of the littlest sister.


The girls have taken to reading all cards as if they are letters to Bob and Larry of Veggie Tale fame.  "Dear Bob and Larry, ..................." Fill in all those dots with total nonsense.  It's usually pretty funny.


Before long, I am going to have to start getting the twins out of their car seats and probably using an umbrella stroller everywhere we go.  For now, this is how we roll almost everywhere.  It's like a stroller Escalade, except much less snazzy.  But, it gets the job done.


The other night, Bella was "cooking" and saying, "I'm the Mommy!"  She is a total, lovable crack up when she is not busy biting or otherwise destroying something.

She just said, "I'm the mommy!" Since I regularly dress like one of Tinkerbell's friends while baking, that makes sense.  I do pray that I make motherhood look attractive to my kids.  Sometimes God shows me glimpses.  #bellawashere #itsthelittlethings

Though it is against all that we hold dear to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving, we break this rule when we travel for Thanksgiving.  I just feel too far behind when we get back, otherwise.  So, we have the trees up.  The girls and the cats were all thrilled by this.


Hope that your holiday week is full of thankfulness that isn't buried under stress.  I'm asking God to continue to work in my heart on that one.


Meaghan said...

Thanks for feeding our Bulldogs some good chicken! ;) Three kiddos has certainly tipped the balance of power at our house...I think you are supermom for braving Target! Just reading about those bathroom ladies makes my blood pressure rise. Ugh! But Happy Thanksgiving!!!