Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope this day finds you filled with love for those around you.  I know it can be heavy with unmet expectations, but I hope and pray that it finds you knowing how much you are loved by our heavenly Father and how much love you have to give.

I don't usually like to repeat the same Valentine's ideas, but this year I was so busy creating cookies that it felt the simplest to do exactly what we did last year over again.  And you know what - that's okay.  In fact, it actually makes a ton of sense.  As a bonus - I did use props this year, and I sort of love how their Valentine's turned out.


I ordered the Light Box from Amazon, and it actually shipped from China, which was pretty bizarre.  But - I love it, and it works perfectly, so I'm not complaining.  The kiddos were remarkably cooperative for this little photo-shoot.  I'm sure all of the rolls of Smarties did not hurt.

I love these sweet faces with all of my being.  We aren't together today, so grandparents went to class parties in our stead, which I really appreciate.  Lily and Bella actually did all of the work cutting the Valentines and taping them onto Airheads for their classes and the twins - it is amazing to see them becoming truly helpful!  So fun.

Here's a walk down our Valentine's memory lane stretching back over six years - precious moments that I am so thankful to have.

{2016} {2015} {2014} {2013} {2012} {2011}

Again I will say - Happy Valentine's Day from our clan to yours!