Friday, February 10, 2012

Love Letters

A blogger friend is hosting a "Love Letter Link-Up," and I thought I would join in by writing letters to some of the things and people that I love.

Dear Nap-Time,
You are one of my favorite times of the day.  Seriously.  I look forward to you and mourn your parting when our time together is over.  Thank you for being so consistent and for allowing me the time to be able to eat 6 packs of Smarties with no one grabbing my legs and begging for them.

Dear Smarties,
I bought a bag of you this week just for me to eat.  While this may not have been my brightest moment, I am so glad to have reconnected with you after all these years.  I ate you for lunch yesterday, which didn't go as well as I might have hoped.  Today, I am using you more wisely as a "treat" instead of a meal, and this means that we can continue our relationship.  Which I look forward to.

Dear Traveling,
I love you so much!  I think of you often and dream about our next rendezvous.  I am looking forward to a big adventure with you at the end of April, and I am excited to see all that is in store for us.  You remind me how big the world is, how creative my God is, and that my life is so different from so many others.  You even let my kids come along sometimes, which is so kind of you.


Dear Traveling without Kids, aka Vacation,
I am really, really looking forward to you next week.  I mean, I love my chitlins so very much, but I love my hubby even more, and I am stoked beyond words to be heading out to see you!

Dear Valentine's Day,
Thanks for giving me an excuse to make really cute notes with treats from my children and to teach them more about God's love.  I love that everything is pink and red for a few weeks, even if you are an overly commercialized holiday made up by the card and candy companies.

Picnik collage

Dear JPS, Lover Boy, Rock-Star Hubby,
You are the best husband God could have ever given me.  He knew!  I love that even in a week with long days and some discouraging moments, you have taken the time and energy to connect with me.  I love that the giddy pre-trip feeling has set in, and we woke up making jokes, knowing that a fun trip is right around the corner.  I am thankful to do life with you - the good and the bad - all of it.


Dear God,
There are not enough words.  Thank you for everything.  Thank you for saving me and loving me, in spite of and because of the wretch that I am.  I am so glad that life is really about you and your story, not mine.  I do not understand everything that you choose.  Sometimes I wish I could underline those words and shout them at you.  But, I know that when I feel that way, I can feel your still, small voice reminding me that you love.  You love.  And, that is enough - though I will never understand it.  Thank you for being infinite in the face of my finiteness.  I look forward to seeing you clearly some day.

Dear Lily and Bella,
Each day I am so thankful for you.  I love the ways that you are growing into little people with big personalities.  Lily, I love that I can hear you singing Jingle Bells from your room right now.  Bella, I love that you are asleep right now, rubbing your little belly button with one of your hands to soothe yourself.  Those precious little things are reminders that this time of life will be fleeting - the time when you need me like you do right now.  Though some days are hard, I love being with you, getting your hugs and kisses and seeing your joys.  What a privilege it is to raise you both!


Welp, that wraps up my little love letter fest.  Clearly, it was in no particular order.  Linking up with Lindsey!


JDaniel4's Mom said...

What amazing letters! I loved all of them.

Linds said...

OMG carol! I was dying at the one to Smarties! Brilliant! Thanks for linking up!!!

Kristin Murdock said...

I'm doing this!! I love each of your letters so much! Great inspiration, Carol.