Friday, April 22, 2011

Giving Our Children Perspective

      Happy Good Friday and Easter weekend!  What a privilege it is to have a Savior who died for us to set us free.  I hope that we are living in that freedom in new ways all the time.  This weekend we are looking forward to dying eggs, hunting for them and eating, but most importantly, to celebrating the greatest sacrifice that has ever been made.  I'm excited!
      Something that John and I have talked a lot about is the fact that we want to offer a greater perspective on the world to our children.  Until now, it has been something that is more in our hearts and minds, but the older Lily gets, the more she understands.  So this week, we decided to start sponsoring a child.  I had this idea years ago - I wanted to sponsor a child with the same birthday as each of my own children to give them an even more personal connection.  We are sponsoring through World Vision, and I found it very simple to search for a girl that was born on the same exact day as Lily.  We introduced Lily to the picture of Rashmi from Sri Lanka last night and told her that it was her new friend.
      I realized very quickly that this project makes it more real for me as well.  Since becoming a mother, I have been even more overwhelmed with the state of poverty that so many children and families live in.  I realized that little Rashmi's parents are probably younger than us and are trying to provide for her and often feel like they can't.  When I look around at all that we have been given, it is overwhelming to say the very least.  We have far more than we could ever need or want, and I do not have to worry about whether or not I will be able to feed my children.  We have access to excellent medical care and education.  I will never understand the "whys" of how God chooses to bless people and in what ways, but I want our family to be closer to God's heart for the poor.  This is one small way we can do that.
      I look forward to Lily's birthday this next year, knowing that we will be celebrating Rashmi's as well.  I hope that this will give us one more vehicle to teach our girls about the wide world that we live in and the great God who loves each of us so much, no matter where we live or what we have.
      I'll finish on a lighter note with pictures of Bella and her love affair with a spoon.  Sweet girl.
Picnik collage


Sharon said...

Carol, It blessed my heart to read this blog about you all wanting to teach the girls how to think of others in our world. I think what you and John are doing is so great. This is also something that is on my heart for my grandchildren; I'm thankful we can do this together.