Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our House: Master Bedroom

     Even as I do a post about our house, my heart is heavy for all those in Alabama and throughout the Southeast who have lost homes or, much worse, family members.  All of this makes our little power outage a couple of weeks ago seem so minor, and my heart is just broken over the lives that will have to be completely rebuilt.  I pray that God will bring peace and swift recovery to those hurting and that he will be glorified through this situation.
      And now, I will continue with the home tour.  Next up, our master bedroom.  I remember sitting on our back deck with John trying to explain to him what I had in mind.  It involved more trim.  Always more trim.  And I wanted to hang wallpaper, which I had never done.  He was game and gave me the go ahead, though he said I had to get help hanging the wallpaper so that it would not look crazy.  And, we like the way it turned out.

Photo Courtesy of Main Street Real Estate

      First, I painted the room a light blue color - I actually wanted it to be a little more gray, but I am largely pleased with it.  One of my mom's friends helped me hang the wallpaper, which was so kind.  I learned a lot - enough that I felt confident enough to also put it into Bella's nursery.  Our bedding is from Target, and I keep thinking I may add more pillows, but this is certainly easy to make in the morning.  We wanted to keep our bedroom light and airy.  When I mentioned to John that I wanted to do mirrors above our bed, well, let's just say, he wasn't sure what I had in mind.  Though this would not have been his exact choice, he does like the way it turned out.  The big mirror is from Hobby Lobby with little craft mirrors glued to the wall, and the monogram vinyl is from this Etsy shop.  I also glued extra bling onto the wallpaper, because I really like shiny stuff.


Our bedroom looks out into the greenbelt behind our house, which is such a peaceful view.  I also added a little bling to our curtains that are from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  The metal (they are actually plastic) flowers came from Target.

Picnik collage

Across from the bed is my dresser with old windows that have the same wallpaper hung behind them.  I made the wreath above the dresser - I wanted something round amidst all of the squares.  I also keep looking for some kind of bench to go at the foot of my bed - of course I have something in my head that may never be found in reality.

Picnik collage

The wall going into our bathroom has John's dresser and framed pictures of some of our favorite trips overseas together.  I used scrapbook paper that was a floral cut-out to "stencil" a mat for each of these pictures.

Picnik collage
Picnik collage

This room is unusual and stylized to just what I had envisioned.  We like the calming atmosphere and what we hope to be casual elegance, and I love the little touches of bling that bounce light around the room.  Thanks for stopping by.