Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another Night with the Lights: Garvan Gardens

      Last night, we loaded up and headed to Garven Gardens in Hot Springs to take in the light display.  Somehow, John and I have managed to do this 5 years in a row now, so it sort of doesn't feel like Christmas unless we get to walk around the garden wonderland.  Funnily enough, we haven't been any other time of year, though I hear it is beautiful, especially in the spring.  Maybe this spring.  We had a great time.


The girls were so fun to watch - especially Bella who literally Ooohhed and Aaahhed over everything she saw.  She even delighted any people who happened to be near us.  Lily was stoic, per her usual mode of operation, but she seemed to really enjoy herself.



They really loved when John would pull off and let them play with the Christmas lights.  You know, we like to live on the edge.  Their other favorite moment was when we pulled into a pavilion and John ran them in circles - so much fun to see their delight, including John's.


We did not wait in the crazy long line to go through the lighted train, held up by mothers with tripods trying to get a good picture of four children.  I know I can be crazy like that, so I don't judge - I just don't get in the line.  The weather was perfect and school is out, so it was busy overall, but not too bad.  And, considering we have gone and had numb appendices on the walk, we were super grateful for the weather.


So, there you have it - another Christmas tradition crossed off our list for this year!  It is great fun, and if you are in the area, you should definitely check it out.  I will leave you with some very well-lit mushrooms.  Sort of strange, but I guess it is a garden after all.



Anonymous said...

this looks so awesome! I wish we had something like this around us.