Sunday, December 11, 2011

Unexpected Candlelit Dinner

      This weekend has held many things.  So many parties and people.  So much fun.  But in the midst of it, we had an unexpected experience.  On Saturday evening, our power flickered a couple of times and then went out, right as I was pouring a pancake onto the griddle for Christmasy Breakfast for Dinner.  Since John had just finished the rough draft of our new advent wreath, we decided to light it up and have dinner by candlelight and Mag-lite.


We were so thankful that it was the one day this weekend that didn't contain a party, especially when it was out for almost an hour.  (We still don't know why.  Our whole street was out.)


It was fun.  It was simple.  Afterwards, we loaded up the girls in PJ's and went and looked at Christmas lights.  (For the record, our street has some of the best lights.)  We loved hearing Lily say, "Oh, look, guys.  There is more Christmas over there."  The power came back on right as we were leaving the house, so we were able to open the garage door.
      It was a sweet blessing of a quiet evening in the midst of the party mayhem.  Thanks, Lord.  We are loving celebrating Jesus's birthday all month.