Monday, December 26, 2011

Cali: The Trip Here and a Morning in Burbank

      Yesterday (Christmas) we flew into LAX from Little Rock.  We felt like we got the best of both worlds, because we got to get up and have a lovely little family Christmas at home, and then, we got to head out on a trip.  We packed on Friday to be ready for it, and when the time came, we really were.  Here's our trip in Instagram pics from my phone.

Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage

I have to give a shout out to the girls, especially Lily.  They did really well traveling.  Bella is at THAT age (other mom's out there know what I am talking about).  THAT age is when they think they know what they want but nothing really makes them happy unless it is something they shouldn't be doing.  Example - Bella really wanted to kick every chair in front of her, and since both flights were totally full, that wasn't really an option.  Sometimes distraction works, other times, there are some squawking screams that go with the territory.  That said, Bella did pretty well, and since Lily loves movies and doesn't get to watch them often, she was set watching Tangled.
      One of my traveling strategies is to dress the girls cutely.  I employ this method for several reasons.  One is that I am vain and like for my cute children to be admired.  Another of the other main reasons is that if people see how cute they are, I figure that maybe they will be a little extra gracious with our family if we cry or yell a lot.  John is so unpredictable.  Traveling with two little "wildcards", as John calls them, can be a little dicey.
      But, we made it here with very few incidents (the people on our plane were gracious and helped us all sit together when we had been split up to have three separate seats and though the Avis counter looked like carnage, it really moved much more quickly than we could have hoped for), and southern California and John's sister, Rachel, were ready to welcome us.
      The girls are napping right now while John and I chillax in the hotel lounge.  This morning we ate a most delicious breakfast at Another Broken Egg Cafe.


The above pictured item is the Banana's Foster French Toast, and it, along with everything else we ordered, was amazing.  Then, we walked around downtown Burbank and reveled in the perfection of the weather here.  The giant walk-(or run) through Christmas tree was a hit.

Picnik collage

Then we headed to Griffith Park near the LA Zoo for more play time.  It was great but for the fact that we are discovering neither girl really likes to swing, and Bella kept making a bee-line for the sand.  She is sneaky, but we did manage to foil her plans.



As we walked into our hotel for nap time, we discovered this.  A giant Santa that John dubbed, "Padre Christmas, the Ghost of Hagrid's Past."  How's that for a little Harry Potter humor from a guy who falls asleep as soon as one of those movies comes on?


He is seriously like 10 feet tall, and Bella cried when we got near him.  I don't really blame her.  Looking forward to more adventures!


Linds said...

Y'all are seriously the funniest family ever. John's comments crack me up!!!