Monday, December 05, 2011

Christmas Decor: Round Two

      The inside of our home is completely decorated for Christmas now, which definitely makes us all feel festive.  Lily keeps saying, "Christmas came to our house!"  Here is the big tree in our living room.  I used bouquets of fake flowers that I cut apart for the poinsettias, dark blue flowers and silver berries.  It is a lot of bang for your Christmas buck, and you can just stick them in the tree - they stay put, unless your 14 month old tries to rip them out.  But I guess none of you have that problem at your house.  (I have to be fair to her, she is not messing with them now they have been up a few days and the novelty has worn off.)

Picnik collage
Picnik collage

Here is the butterfly tree in Bella's room.  It sort of looks like Easter threw up on it, but going over the top is so much fun!

Picnik collage

Here is the tree in Lily's room.  I used tissue paper to make flowers and stuck little drink umbrellas in for extra color.

Picnik collage

I hung ornaments from the chandelier in our dining room and then basically set ornaments around on every free surface.


Yesterday, John said he wanted to make us an advent wreath, though it is a little late to use for every Sunday this year.  I was all for this plan (and thrilled that I married a guy who likes to "craft" a little), and while he worked on it in his shop, I spray painted stuff silver.


These random trees that John brought home from CFA and this sleigh that I picked up on this thrifting trip needed some change-ups to fit in here.  Silver spray paint to the rescue!  They went from this -

Picnik collage

to this -

Picnik collage

Now, we just have to finish decorating the outside of our house.  This crazy rain and the crazy run on Saturday have put a kink in our plans to get stuff up out there.  It will happen eventually, hopefully before the parties this weekend.  We girls have enjoyed a rainy day without leaving the house once, which rarely happens around here.  To see the rest of the decor, click here.  Merry Christmas decorating!


Lorna said...

I love the butterfly tree! So cool! I also like that I am not the only one who puts ornaments on any available surface. It's like a giant easter-egg hunt when you have to find where you put them all to put them away after Christmas! :)

Under Her Wings said...

It's beautiful, Carol. We didn't go quite so elaborate with a new baby in the house this year. In fact, we are just trying to keep our heads above water!

Valerie B. said...

I love all the Christmas decor!! Also, I would love if you posted about the process of making the advent wreath! I would like one for our house and can't quite figure out how to make that tangible and pretty. We've got a plain wreath all ready for me to get going and everything. You are so crafty and I just love your ideas. :) Thanks for sharing your Christmas-y home!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

I love the hanging pine cones and acorns! Those are so pretty!

Amanda said...

You have a beautiful home and gorgeous decorations. The wreath idea is wonderful! Just think of it as getting a head start on next year! Merry Christmas to y'all!