Tuesday, July 24, 2012


You know you must be in rough shape when the college guy living at your house takes one look at you and says, "You look exhausted.  Is there anything I can do to help?  Watch the girls?  Do the dishes?"  This happened in my living room yesterday afternoon.  (Roberto is really sweet.)  I didn't take him up on it, because I'm happy to be seeing the girls and there really weren't any dishes since I haven't cooked in ages.  But, it did help me realize that I am tired.

(I posted about the actual trip in this post and this post, in case you missed those!)

Being in Honduras was really good, but it had some really heavy moments.  This blog post from Rage Against the Minivan sums up a lot of what I am feeling.  Going to a 3rd world country is always an eye-opening reality, but since I have had that shock several times, the shock has worn off.  Now, I have a greater understanding that this is reality for the majority of the world, and my little life in America is the real anomaly.  I am thankful to be partnered with organizations that are making a difference in people's lives here and around the world.

Here are some of my lighter lessons learned from this past week.

-  Leaving my children for the week was worth it, and I would encourage other young mothers to do the same if the opportunity arises.  It was great to be known as myself for a week, and to have a chance to focus on things outside of my home.  Jenn and I (the other "mom" on the trip and one of my very best friends) had a great time serving together.


-  I learned how to tease my hair from a girl that names her combs.  That made me really happy.

-  Riding in a bus with the windows down will make anything you have done to your hair completely pointless.  See exhibit A.

Exhibit A

-  Wearing scrubs every day is a luxury.  They are so comfortable!

-  It really is okay for my girls not to match.  I had to laugh when I got this picture text from John of the girls at the Museum of Discovery.  They look bright, well-cared-for and happy - which is more important than being coordinated.


-  I have the world's best Mom-in-love who was willing to come help John care for the girls.  Really, it is a win-win-win.  In a beautiful twist of fate, I ran into her at the Houston airport, and I was so thankful to hug her neck in person and thank her for taking such good care of my family.


-  Bella is on a personal mission in life to destroy almost anything she touches.  This was reinforced when we had to pull out the vacuum twice in about 40 minutes on the first morning I was home, as well as stop her from coloring on our bedspread and couch.  Here's what she did to John's floss while I was gone.  (This picture text was accompanied by John saying, "I bet you are really missing stuff like this right now.")


-  There is nothing more American than nachos with processed cheese in the airport on the way back.  My lunch of champions.


I have been trying to recover from this trip quickly and soak up time with the girls.  I had forgotten the way they felt in my arms during my week away, and I love cuddling their sweetness.  Now I am trying to clean our house and prepare for our next adventure!