Saturday, February 16, 2013


John and I got back late last night.  Since our arrival, we have been faced with a wide array of first world questions like,

"Who will turn down my bed every night?"
"How will I ever go back to eating less than 3 desserts a day?"
"Can I survive without cute towel animals wearing my sunglasses arriving in my room each evening?"
"Where will I get hot, free pizza at 2 a.m.?"
"When will I stop feeling like I have been on a boat or swimming in the waves?"
"Why are my tan lines so strange?"

I know that you are probably feeling really bad for us now.  As you should.

It was really wonderful to come home to the girls and get lots of hugs and love this morning.  We showed off pictures of our trip and enjoyed breakfast with John's parents who took excellent care of the girls this week.


I came home to a couple of really fun treats.  The girls had left mail in our Valentine's Day mailboxes, and I loved seeing what they colored for us.


I also participated in a blog swap for Valentine's Day.  We were supposed to send off a few of our favorite things to our partner.  I was paired with the very sweet Kaity of {Bee}autiful Blessings.  I think she and I could sit and talk about travel for hours, among other things.  Her blog is such a fun space, and I had a fun package from her when I got home.

It included a book that looks incredibly heart-warming and chocolate.  You can never go wrong with chocolate!


Thanks, Kaity!

This afternoon has brought doses of reality both good and bad.  We listened to the girls sing Jingle Bells and Happy Birthday to one another during "nap" time.  Then, as I was going in to encourage Bella in her picking up, I began straightening some art on her wall.  I was also drinking a smoothie at the same time.  These things can not be done simultaneously, and this is the result.


Did I mention it was a blueberry smoothie?  Good thing this is in the room where the carpet is already badly stained.  The worse part about this is that there was no one coming behind me cleaning up everything, as I have been accustomed to in the past week.  I guess I will survive somehow.

I will post a bit about the trip soon!


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