Saturday, December 28, 2013


I really do love where we live, and sometimes, we take advantage of fun perks in our city.  Thursday was one of those days.  We headed downtown to hop onto the trolley and ride around, and it was a beautiful day for just such an adventure.

After finding a trolley stop, which took us just a bit of detective work with our cell phones, we waited for it to arrive.  The time was passed with a pleasant bout of Ring around the Rosie with the grandparents.


It was decked out for Christmas, which always makes it more fun.


The girls got chances to ring the bells and whistles, which they loved.  They were mesmerized by the whole experience, in fact.


It's a cheap, fun ride through all of downtown Little Rock, across the river and into downtown North Little Rock.


There was a man that was riding the trolley who was clearly not "normal."  He sang loudly for much of the journey and wanted to talk to everyone.  He seemed quite harmless, but it is always hard to know the best way to respond to people who exist on the fringes of society.  We listened and interacted a bit, but that was the extent of our effort with him.    It became clear that the trolley driver knew him and had a real heart for him.  He made sure that the man stayed near to him so that he could keep an eye on him, and when the man got off, the trolley driver made sure that he was okay and welcomed him back on his trolley should he need a ride somewhere.

I almost started crying while watching the interaction.  Seeing God's grace through someone first hand is remarkable, and it was clear that our trolley driver sincerely loved this man - a man that would be considered a nuisance by many.  What a blessing to behold.

After our trolley ride, we headed to lunch at the River Market, which capped things off nicely.  Everyone was able to get what they wanted and enjoy.


We are enjoying time with grandparents in town!


Lindsey @ A Dollop of My Life said...

I could eat William and Violet with a spoon-- they are SO adorable!