Monday, December 09, 2013


Let's start with the obvious -

High:  We never lost power.  And all the people sang Hallelujah, and the Heavens around our house rejoiced.  Because that makes everything 100% better.  And, though the ice is destructive and dangerous - it is beautiful.


Low:  It was still a nasty cold storm canceling all of our weekend plans.  Boo hiss.

High:  On Friday night, we ventured to a friend's house for pizza.  Getting out of the house felt really good.  Thankfully, John has a four wheel drive vehicle.  The girls were glad to see other people, and so were the adults!


Low:  It is always crazy with a lot of kids involved.  I forgot to take the diaper bag, so the babies were eating random baby food that Courtney had on hand (thanks!) and wearing diapers that were too big.  As we were getting ready to leave after a rousing game of Spades, everyone sort of fell apart.  Both twins were crying.  I glanced down the stairs to see that one child was crying after falling down them, and as I put on Bella's sock, I realized that one of her big toenails was coming off.  Thankfully the former Army medic Adam was on hand to get her fixed up.


High:  We've had lazy days at home, which have been mostly fun.  It's nice when you don't have to rush out of the house for any reason, and the girls have enjoyed being princesses most of the time.  Also, we've listened to the Frozen soundtrack so many times that the girls and I can sing all of the songs.  All of them.  They ventured out once on Friday with Aunt Rachel for a few minutes.


The babies love their bouncers, and the girls love to treat the bouncers as swings that can be pushed.  You can see what a great idea this is.  I've had to intervene and slow down the pushing dramatically since this picture was taken.


The babies have done pretty well, but William has had some congestion.  As evidenced by this epic snot bubble picture.  Violet feels great.


Low:  We all have a bit of cabin fever.  John has had to work a lot, because we've tried to keep our CFA open as much as possible, which means a lot of work for him.  That means I've largely been running the house by myself, which can make you feel a little crazy.  The low point for me was on Saturday night, when I was trying to feed the babies solids while the girls were dancing around the table instead of eating dinner.  I was so angry with them that I almost threw a piece of quesadilla across the table.  God stayed my hand, but in that horribly moment, it would have felt so nice to let it fly.  I settled for talking through gritted teeth about how I just wanted them to eat dinner and sit down and obey.  I'm pretty sure I get awesome mom points for that meal.

High:  Sunday was a massive high.  Can we all just thank the Lord and Truett Cathy that all CFAs are closed on Sundays?  We had a totally free Sunday, which was totally unexpected and delightful.  The roads were really not that bad, so we ventured out.  We did lunch at our favorite Mexican place where they all recognize us, and then we went to the new Bass Pro Shop with the rest of the world.  The girls loved it!


Sunday afternoon, John and I took the girls on a short walk through the woods behind our house.  It was gorgeous in that chilly winter way, and it was so nice to be out.  Lily ran ahead of us the whole time.


Low:  All of life was still canceled today, which was a bummer.  I am so hoping that everything resumes tomorrow, because we are ready to be back into routine.  I'm sure I'm not alone in that sentiment.  Here is the kind of nonsense that people are up to in my house today.


I'm not exactly sure how she got in, but I am glad that it held while she did.  She was quite pitiful when I came to get her out.  She was in the Exersaucer not long before this.

If you live in Central or NW Arkansas, I hope your Ice Storm days have been filled with more Highs than Lows!