Friday, December 06, 2013


So far the ice doom has not been bad.  I've learned that when properly motivated, I can actually do all of our laundry and dishes and put them away.  Good to know.  Also, in a wonderful twist of God's grace, the babies really slept well last night, and I didn't have to feed them til 8 a.m.  Twins for the win!  This Friday is far better than I thought it would be, and we are enjoying the time at home.  Our CFA just closed for the day, so John will be home soon.  Hurray!  (I mean hurray that John will be home, not that we had to close early.)

Let's talk about something a bit more cheery than my last two posts - Cookies!  Cookies are by far one of my favorite subjects.  Since I have a little extra unexpected time, I am planning the holiday baking.  I thought I would share some with you all, in case you need some baking inspiration.

I will obviously be making sugar cookies as the stars of my baked good boxes - it's kind of my thing.  I wrote a post about them in February giving details on the recipes I use both for the cookie dough and the different frostings.  After months of doing a lot of them, I can say that I am still pleased with using two types of frosting.  It works for me.  (These are from last year!)


If decorating sugar cookies seems intimidating to you - here's link to a blog post for very simple snowman cookies.  The post also includes links for a bunch of other fun cookies, so if you are on the hunt for even more ideas - I would check it out!

Last year, I also made these spiral cookies with sprinkle edges that I ended up loving.  They were not overly complicated, and the result is so festive.  The recipe is from Sprinkle Bakes.


Last year I made a delicious flourless chocolate cookie, but the blog that the recipe was on no longer exists.  Fortunately, I was able to find another comparable recipe that had gorgeous pictures - that means it must be good.  It's from Set The Table and looks great!  And bonus - it's gluten free.

(picture also from Set the Table)

This isn't a cookie, but I usually make it around the holidays - Poppyseed Bread.  It rounds out a holiday plate nicely.  I don't make it often, because I cannot stop eating it.  It's that good.  I shared the recipe on my blog a couple of years ago.

I think this year, I may try some kind of salted caramel something.  It seems to be everywhere and is such a tasty combination.  It's also nice to cut the sweet just a tad.  But, who am I kidding - I love the sugar.  After poking around a few recipes that look like a lot of work, I found one that looks straightforward and involves stuffing Rolos inside of choclate chip cookies sprinkled with Sea Salt.  Looks amazing - found on Sally's Baking Addiction.


(picture also from Sally's)

If you don't want to mix any chocolate with your caramel (which I would not be able to understand), here's recipe for basic Salted Caramel Cookies from the Wife of a Dairy Man.  They look delicious.

I usually host a cookie exchange every year.  This year I am opting not to simply to make my life a little easier, but I am realizing it will also make my life a little sadder.  I will miss all those women and cookies arriving at my doorstep bringing holiday cheer and merriment.  Last year, one of my favorite treats from the party was brought by a dear friend who emailed me the recipe afterwards when I begged for it.  I have no pictures for it, but you must trust me - this is really yummy.  Here's a quick recipe for Peanut Butter Balls - though I'm not sure that title does a great job of describing them.  Read the ingredients to see what I mean.

1 pound of white almond bark (1 package)
1 cup of peanut butter
1 jar of salted peanuts
3 cups Rice Krispies
3 cups of mini Marshmallows

In a glass, microwave melt the bark and add the peanut butter.  Stir until smooth.  Add all other ingredients..... Stir well.  Spoon the mixture onto wax paper and wait for them to cool and harden.  Place them in the fridge to harden completely.  It makes a lot.

(Thanks, Nicole!)

So, I hope this serves as some festive inspiration to get baking!  I really enjoy this tradition of baking Christmas cookies, and so do the girls.  They keep asking when it will be time to take cookies to the neighbors.  Certainly not today.  Today is nasty - but it won't stay like this forever!  Happy baking!


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