Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Are ya'll sick of our ER stories yet?  Because I am.  So I'll keep the most recent one short.  We went back to the ER yesterday morning and spent about 5 hours there.  They basically told me that Violet could be really sick at the hospital or at home if I was committed to following their instructions.  I picked home, and though she is still icky sounding and cranky, we are on the road to recovery.  Praise be to King Jesus, because cranky twin toddlers are absolutely no fun.

At a low point yesterday, I was suctioning William's nose and getting a fair amount of blood, when I looked over and noticed that Violet's nose was also bleeding.  They were both screaming, and I started sobbing.  It was ugly.  My clothes looked like I lost a bad fight.  But, we all recovered, mostly.

Enough of that.  The weather is beautiful - truly.  Sunshine does good things for my soul.  We had a delicious lunch from CFA.  I managed to finish up some cookies at nap time.  I am dressed and my bed is made, so really, life is good.  The truth is that God is good, and I am so thankful that he is sustaining me right now.

Since I'm sick of blogging about sickness, I've come up with a few fun things.

We are major Parenthood fans at our house and mourning the end of the series.  I really enjoyed this clip of Dax Shepherd on Ellen talking about their new child.

And - this video is an old one - it's his wife, Kristen Bell, talking about the time he brought a sloth to their house for a birthday.  So funny.  I totally understand her emotional scale, because I have tears in my eyes very quickly at both good and bad times.

Last night, John and I were listening to Pandora and decided to watch the video for The Cave.  Some songs really resonate somewhere much deeper than my ears or even my mind.  This one does that.  This song rings with a deeply held truth, and I love it.

This last video is back from Lily's birthday.  She honestly cannot blow out candles, and its pretty hilarious to watch.

I hope your Tuesday is a beautiful one.