Monday, January 12, 2015


Today was not bad.  It was a normal day.  But, there were several moments that I realized seem to encapsulate so much of what life feels like right now.

As Bella and I were running errands, she started to verbally run through our day.
"First, we are going to the cookie store.  Then, we will go to the grocery store.  Then, we will pick up lunch.  Then, pick up the babies and have lunch.  Then nap time and Lily comes home.  And then we'll do gymnastics and have dinner and take baths and go to bed.  And then wake up and do it all again!"
As she said the last line, she put her hands in the air as if to cheer.  We certainly do have a Monday routine.


After the aforementioned nap time, I went into a stinking twins' room.  Their nursery is fairly small, and when they both poop, it is fairly potent.  I could smell it before I opened the door, and both the big girls stayed far clear of it.  I was running just on schedule to get to gymnastics on time, which meant I had time to change the twins diapers, load everyone into the car and go.

I did not account for a poop explosion.  I never do.  There was an unfortunate literal pile of crap.  I got Violet out of the bed and took her straight to the bath where she immediately started wailing.  I had already released William, so he was looking for ways to be really helpful during this process.  (Extreme sarcasm font.)

I set about bathing the filthy, screaming child while the wild William went about his business banging on my back and then opening and shutting the three doors nearest to us.  Rince and repeat.  He also tried to pick up the poopy clothes.  Meanwhile, the big girls had gotten themselves changed for gymnastics and were mimicking each other in full force and then tattling.

It was a bad 10 minutes.  We rolled into gymnastics only about 5 minutes late, miraculously.


I tried a new brussels sprouts recipe at dinner, and John and I really liked it.  We made both girls try it, because we are constantly working to expand the girls' palettes.  (As a side note, just last week, Lily was explaining to me that she is not at all a picky eater.  She said, "I like all kinds of chips.  Potato chips, Sun Chips, Cheetos, Pretzel Chips and chips with soup."  It was a remarkably long list, and I was laughing too hard to explain that didn't mean she wasn't picky.)  Lily popped an entire brussels sprout into her mouth and started chewing and then gagged.  She refused to swallow for a good 3 minutes (maybe more).  She cried.  She said she couldn't.  She eventually did, and then skipped on her merry way towards bath time.

After seeing this, Bella was more wary.  She began crying.  Loudly.  I think she may have tried to pound her fist on the table, but I explained that she would not be leaving the table without eating one, so she better get at it.  After a lot more crying, she eventually nibbled a bite.

She said, "I like it!"  She immediately perked up and ate the rest, all the while laughing and joking.



This is a snapshot of what my days are like right now.  I wouldn't trade it for anything, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that someday, I will miss large parts of it.  But, I'm writing this blog now to remind myself of the things that won't be missed.  Piles of crap and brussels sprouts laced with tears.  Oh, and the piles and piles of laundry I folded tonight.  But, I'm going to sleep in my warm bed with my kind husband, and life is full and beautiful.  I am so thankful.