Friday, July 10, 2015


Real life's heavy, huh?  Here are a few things that might make you giggle on this Friday afternoon - For Your Entertainment: July edition.

I love big superhero movies.  In fact, I actually like them much more than John, probably because my ability to suspend reality is quite well developed.  Here's a parody of the Avengers making them out to be rednecks.

And - there's just something about the tryouts for major reality shows that can having me tearing up in no time.  Here are three local guys that wowed the judges on America's Got Talent.  Clearly, no one expected them to do well, but they are just charming!

For kicks, let's throw it all the way back to when Susan Boyle first auditioned on Britain's Got Talent. Her moving, shockingingly good rendition of I Dreamed a Dream from Les Mis still brings me to tears.

Did you ever see the movie Newsies?  I LOVED this movie in my youth.  In fact, I loved it and watched it so often that my Dad hid the video to avoid hearing it.  Here is a hilarious mashup of a dance scene from Newsies synced to Uptown Funk.  The internet does bring us good things indeed.

After seeing this, it inspired me to go onto YouTube and watch the actual Newsies song and dances, which the kids and I thoroughly enjoyed before nap today.  Can't wait til the girls are old enough for watching the whole movie!

This retro Sizzler commercial is entertaining on so many fronts.  Please take the time to enjoy their promotional video from the early 90s capturing all the reasons that Sizzler is the wave of the future as a "Restaurant within a Restaurant."  I'm not certain that it has quite lived up to the hype.

Hope that your weekend is off to a good start!