Friday, July 03, 2015


Summer is speeding by.  Or creeping by, depending on what moment it is and what we have going on.  That said, I still can't believe that July is upon us.  Here's a high/low run down of lately.

Low:  Saying "See You Later" to our dear Rwandan friends who are now back in Rwanda.  We threw a huge goodbye party where we grilled and ate and the kids got covered in grime.  The party was great- saying goodbye was not.


High:  At that party, a sweet nine year old boy took William under his wing and walked around with him all evening.  It was so very precious, and I thanked him over and over.


High:  Key Lime Pie on date night.  Summery deliciousness.

High:  Celebrating EIGHT years open at our CFA.  Cannot even believe it.  John was a sport and stuck his face into the cake while everyone sang.  Lily was especially delighted by this.

High:  Teeth-brushing while wearing sunglasses.

Low:  Always dirty mirrors, windows and everything else that the children are in contact with.

High:  Making fun of the twins double pouting which does turn it into a joke for everyone - turning frowns upside down.

Low:  The girls both have chigger bites that are turning into quite a bother.  They like to scratch at inopportune times in places that are a bit unsavory to itch in public.  I've tried to explain what chiggers are, and I think there was some confusion.  At one point, Lily said they should dress up as Chiggers for Halloween so they could go from door to door saying, "Chig-ger-Treat!"  Ha!  I don't think we will be doing that version of the Bug Squad, though I am impressed with her creativity.  Also - I cannot fathom why this is the most comfortable position for them to watch Disney Jr from.

High:  Triple date night with dear friends including loads of excellent sushi.  We have great friends, and I am so thankful for time laughing and talking about things that matter and things that don't.  It's nice when you can do both with people.

High:  The kids and I went to see Inside Out with a bunch of our friends.  I loved it, and so did the girls.  The babies mostly loved the popcorn and wandering the theatre during the last 30 minutes.  Thankfully, there were not many people there, besides our friends.

High:  Summer flowers and bunnies on walks.

Low:  Lots of emotions all the time.  With less schedule, there are more opportunities for whining.  We are working on it, but it is an uphill battle at this point.

High:  Less schedule has sweet benefits as well, giving these girls more time to play.


As usual, life is peppered with good and hard-ish.  Happy holiday weekend!