Monday, August 31, 2015


Sometimes I feel strongly about certain things.  I decided to make a list of the things that have recently been my Favorites and Least Favorites.

FAV:  Reading.  I've been devouring books lately, which I love.  Last week I finished For The Love, by Jen Hatmaker.  It was SO good.  I laughed and cried a lot.  Read it.  Do what everyone, including me, is telling you to do.  There is a reason it is on the NY Times Bestseller list.

Least FAV:  Bags of marshmallows that are melted together.  I am currently fighting this battle in my home.  I know I should give up and buy more marshmallows, but I keep forgetting.  So, when I go to have my nightly s'more (kidding not kidding), I have to fight the sticky bag to get my marshmallows out.  I hate it.

FAV:  You have likely seen this video.  If not - watch it.  It is my life, except for the fact that I do actually eat there for "free."  I pay in other ways.  If you have seen it, take this opportunity to watch it again and enjoy the catchy beat.  Then go to eat at your local CFA.

Least FAV:  Driving in parking lots is one of my least favorite things to do.  This largely stems from my inability to share space well.  I get so frustrated with other cars and people.  And don't even get me started about "diagonal walkers."  I have to ask God for extra doses of grace and a reminder that whatever is making me in such a hurry is probably not worth the frustration.

FAV:  I love seeing the way God works in people's lives, and it is amazing to me when people are willing to be vulnerable and share their stories with the world.  These are dear friends, and this is the story of their first son, whom they lost.  Though it is obviously extremely painful, it is such a blessing to see the way that God has comforted them and is using their story.

Least FAV:  Dirty swim diapers.  Ick.  William seems to believe it is his personal mission to dirty every swim diaper he touches.  So gross.  But strangely dependable.

FAV:  My favorite moments are when everyone is calm, peaceful, happy and together.  These are r.a.r.e. and treasured.  My other favorite moments are when all children are asleep - just being honest.

Least FAV:  I hate it when my eyebrows get rubbed the wrong direction for any reason.  I immediately want to brush them back into place and comb them obsessively.

FAV:  In the vein of my love of reading, I've recently discovered Whispersync between Kindle and Audible, and it is my new FAV.  I can read the Kindle version at night and pick up where I left off on the audio version during the day when I have more stuff to do.  Here's a blog post by Modern Mrs. Darcy that explains it all and the finances of it - it is pretty amazing and can often be a great deal.

Least FAV:  Cilantro.  When I eat cilantro, I register a dirty flavor that I despise.  I have learned to work around this at most Mexican restaurants, especially since I cannot go a week without cheese dip of some sort.

FAV:  I love having friends that send me pictures of their mouse traps set up in my initials after I had a mouse in my car several months ago.  I seriously laughed so hard when I got this text.


I'll go ahead and end on that high note - hope your Monday is off to a great start!