Sunday, August 16, 2015


At our school, we don't find out who our child's teacher is until the Friday night before school starts.  Then, we all gather anxiously outside until the doors open at 5:30.  We are ushered in and immediately try to locate the list.  The list that has everyone's name matched with their teacher's name beside it.  Thankfully, they post a bunch of these lists around, so it isn't too crazy.

Okay, it's a little crazy.  But, we just roll with it.  I truly do love our school, so I don't mind the bit of chaos that comes with Meet the Teacher night.  That said, I know it will only get more chaotic from here since I will have two kids next year and then four kids two years after that.

It was a little bizarre to actually have a clue about what was going on and where to go since I am a big first grade mom now.  I didn't cry at all as we walked the now familiar halls, unlike last year.  We found Lily's new class room and her desk, and we dropped off all her supplies.  We met her teacher and acquainted ourselves with her new environment.


We saw people we knew, and Lily has several friends in her class from last year, which is always nice.  We left pretty quickly and headed to shop for a few last minute supplies and some "helping hands" for our new teacher.  We also got ice cream, because a new first grader *needs* to have ice cream before dinner.


I'm excited about the new school year.  Really, I am.  But as we drove home that night, it occurred to me that I am grieving at the same time.  I LOVED Lily's kindergarten teacher, and while it is possible/likely that I will LOVE Lily's new teacher - I don't know her yet.  It dawned on me that we will do this every year, and I will have to take new people into my heart.  I guess I am still new at this elementary school thing after all, and I know that I will get used to it.  But just now, I don't feel like getting used to it.

It's a reminder that I have to walk through life with open hands and trust that God knows what he's doing, especially with my children.  As much as I would love for Lily's kindergarten teacher to teach her every year from now until forever and all my other children too, that is not the best thing for any of them (probably).  God actually does know best.  And it's my job to pray and be willing to open my hands and heart to the new people and experiences that lie ahead.  I know there will be good and bad, but I also know that he will use those circumstances to shape us all and to glorify himself.

Tomorrow is the big first day of school.  Getting up and out the door is going to be a bear- especially since I haven't been out of bed before 9 for the past two days.  But we are ready, mostly.  And it will be good - with open hands and open hearts we look forward to this new year.