Friday, March 18, 2016


Though I clearly haven't been blogging about it weekly, I have been continuing the magical tidying journey.  I did some work in our living room with media stuff and have some loose ends to finish up - do I throw away all the CDs we own?  Do I own a CD player outside of my car?  These are hard questions to answer.  I also need to go through all of our electronic stuff/cords, but I need John's help with that, and we just haven't made the time yet.

So, I tackled the kitchen which is almost entirely in my jurisdiction and control.  Except for the four little people that like to wreck havoc and cause mayhem, of course.  Turns out, I create my own mayhem and chaos.

Exhibit A: My Food Storage Hoarding Issues
(these were stored in two huge drawers)


Exhibit B: My Random Utensil Drawer


Exhibit C:  Pantry Shelves of Disarray


Clearly, I have some issues, and I've been tackling them over the last couple of weeks as time allows. Which - let's just be honest - time rarely allows, especially because it is not something that I am particularly excited about doing.  BUT- the payoff has been great for me so far.  I am LOVING my closet and bathroom and bedroom being fully tidied, which gives credibility to the reasoning for why Kondo (author of the book) says to start there.  She says that if you can get your personal stuff in order and love it, then you will start to realize how transforming it can really be.  So far, that all rings true for me.

Things have a place to be, and I am pretty decent at putting them in their places.  The problems for me start when I get lazy and confused and I haven't determined where something should go.  Then that item languishes, often in plain sight, mocking me with its presence.  But, I am now addressing those items, instead of letting them mock me, and that is for the best in my little world.

I've made quite a bit of head way in the kitchen, though I've done it a bit haphazardly.  The random utensil drawer looks and functions so much better.


My drawer of kitchen linens got a major spruce up, which I know will bring joy to my mother's heart.  She's tried to organize it a couple of times, and it hasn't exactly stuck.  I do have every reason to believe that this will.  One of the major things I took away from the book was folding and storing clothing in a way that files them.  This also works great when applied to my kitchen towels.


Truth be told, my kitchen has more than enough storage for the stuff we have in it.  The space hasn't been utilized very well, and now that we have lived in our home for six years, I have much better ideas on what should be where and what I actually use and need.  Years ago, we cleaned out and organized our pantry, and I even blogged about it.  Some of it stuck, but now I have a better understanding of what food we will have on hand, and it's getting a better overhaul.

I also found and discarded Bacon Bits that expired in 2006.  If I haven't used them in 10 years, it's safe to say I'm not going to.  (insert laugh cry emoji string)  My attention was also drawn to the fact that I have collected far more cans of tomatoes in various states than any one family could possibly need.  I don't even really like tomato based sauces much, so I'm not sure why I had about 20 different cans of them.  #wishiwasexaggerating


I still have several problem areas to tackle like the cup/medicine cabinet and the spices and the cookie drawer.  But - much of the kitchen is finished, and that feels really good.  I feel like my house and life are being changed little by little with the power of the magical tidying.  So glad I'm doing it - even if I don't love every moment of it.

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