Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I think the themes of our spring break are animals and flowers.  We've already been to one zoo this week with plans to hit up another, and both yesterday and today, we went to see flowers in bloom nearby.  Today that meant heading to Garvan Woodland Gardens to see the tulips in bloom.  It is simply stunning.


We were also enamored with this peacock right next to the entry.


My camera battery died pretty quickly after our arrival, which was a super bummer, but I did get a few of the kiddos before big camera went away completely.

(She does know how to smile for a picture - she just doesn't feel like it.  She got on the rock by herself specifically to pose.)

We head here every year to see the Christmas lights, but we don't often make it in the spring.  We got to take in the Fairy village and so many different kinds of blooms.


We also met up with some sweet friends that live in Hot Springs, as well as friends from Little Rock (who I didn't get any pictures with, somehow).


I came here in the spring three years ago with the girls.  We were on pins and needles in our adoption process, because we were waiting on any news of the twins being born and possibly becoming ours.  I was on high alert and extremely emotional all the time.  I vividly remember leaving Hot Springs and getting a call from Gran Gran, who is now a dear member of our family but at that point I had never met, with bad news on the adoption front.  I drove home in tears, praying for the babies that I had hoped would become ours.


I had no idea that twelve days later, William and Violet would be born or that a mere fourteen days later, they would become ours.  Seeing the way that God has brought our family together in miraculous ways still blows me away.  Truly.  I could never have anticipated or imagined the story he had in mind for us, and I stand in awe of his power and grace and mercy.  It is not an easy road, but it is SO beautiful.


These four sweet ones were meant to be brother and sisters forever, and I rejoice in the gift that it is.  Going back to the tulips with almost three year olds in tow helped me remember all of the good from that journey.  I certainly couldn't have pictured all that God had in store.

Today, instead of adoption uncertainty, I dealt with twins that didn't always feel like walking or cooperating for anything.  But - I have perspective now.  I know that this too shall pass.  I have five and seven year old daughters who *mostly* happily smile for pictures and have fun on our outings.  I know it *mostly* gets better from here, which I am glad to remember as one twin or the other was wailing from the path or the stroller trying to ruin the peace at every turn.  We made it through the gardens - fist bumps for all involved.  Walking through the tulips and memory lane was worth it.