Tuesday, October 11, 2016


We have a new six year old in the house!  Her first tooth is loose, she has command of almost all 100 kindergarten sight words, and she wants to help those around her.  I'm so glad that we've had our Bella girl for six whole years.


Bella is a beautiful mix of spunky and sweet.  She doesn't usually take the answer "no" well - but then, who of us really does? 😉  We are all just works in progress around here.  But, for all of the hard things, there are a million more wonderful things.

Bella notices people and cares about them all on her own, and it is amazing to watch her greet her peers by name and ask them how they are doing.  Sometimes, her social skills outstrip my own.  😜  She is especially sensitive to her younger siblings and what they want or need - since this is usually a long list, I am very thankful for the help.

Kindergarten has been such a fun transition for Bella, and we have loved watching her bloom.  She loves learning to read, recess, lunch time and riding the bus.  Basically, she was made for school, and she is rocking it.  It has also been a gift to see her grow in her love for Jesus.  It is clear that she is paying attention and wants to learn more about the Lord, and I am so thankful for that fruit in her life.

We have a party coming this weekend, but we did a fun breakfast at home and let Bella pick a restaurant for dinner.  She plowed through some noodles, before we all destroyed a flight of Pizookies.  Winner, winner, birthday dinner.


Happy Sixth Birthday, Bella!  We love you more than words can say!

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